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En Gutenberg, añade un bloque y busca «SimpleTOC» o simplemente «TOC». Por favor, guarda tu contenido antes de usar el bloque. Funciona analizando el contenido de la entrada y recuperando los bloques de encabezado y crea un nuevo bloque dinámico con una lista de enlaces a los encabezados.

Hide the headline «Table of Contents» and set a maximum display depth in the blocks’ sidebar configuration. Add the CSS class «simpletoc-hidden» to a heading block to remove that specific heading from the generated TOC.


  • Sin JavaScript o CSS añadido.
  • Diseñado para Gutenberg.
  • Compatible con plugins AMP.
  • Salida HTML mínima y válida.
  • Hereda el estilo de tu tema.
  • Support for column block layouts.
  • Control the maximum depth of the headings.
  • Choose between an ordered and unordered html list.
  • SEO friendly: Disable the h2 heading of the TOC block and add your own.
  • Comes with English, French, Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese translations.
  • Works with non-latin texts. Tested with Japanese and Arabic.
  • Finds headlines in groups and reusable blocks. And in groups within reusable blocks.
  • Compatibilidad con Rank Math.


Este plugin se ha bifurcado de por pdewouters y usa el código de por shazahm1

Many thanks to Tom J Nowell and and Sally CJ who both helped me a lot with my questions over at


  • Bloque de SimpleTOC en el editor Gutenberg.
  • SimpleTOC en la entrada.
  • Simple but powerful. Customize each TOC as you like.
  • Control the maximum depth of the headings.


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • SimpleTOC


SimpleTOC se puede encontrar e instalar a través del menú «Plugins» dentro de la administración de WordPress (Plugins -> Añadir nuevo). Como alternativa, se puede descargar desde e instalarlo manualmente…

En Gutenberg, añade un bloque y busca «SimpleTOC» o simplemente «TOC». Por favor, guarda tu contenido antes de que uses el bloque.


Why did you do this?

Because I needed a simple plugin to do this job and decided to do it on his own. I believe that a Table of Contents does not need Javascript and additional css. Furthermore the plugin should work out-of-the-box without any configuration.

How do I change the TOC heading ‘Table of contents’ to some other words?

Hide the headline in the sidebar options of SimpleTOC and add your own heading.

How do I add SimpleTOC to all articles automatically?

I don’t see an easy solution at the moment. SimpleTOC is only a block that can be placed in your post. If there would be a plugin that adds blocks to every post then this would be the solution. I think this should be another separate plug-in to keep the code of SimpleTOC clean and … well, simple. Maybe someone knows of a plug-in that adds blocks automatically to all posts with some parameters and settings? What about site editing in WordPress? I think the core team is working on something like that. I will keep this post open. If I have gained more knowledge how to solve this I will add this feature.

How do I add a background color to SimpleTOC?

SimpleTOC is simple. It will never load JavaScript or CSS. But you can add custom CSS yourself to your theme:

.simpletoc {
    padding: 1em 2em;
    background: #bada55;

If you want to add a color including the headline, add a custom css class to the SimpleTOC block. Name it «toctoc» or something like that.

.toctoc {
    padding: 1em 1em;
    background: #bada55;

If you use that CSS it will add a colored background to the whole TOC including the heading.

How do I add smooth scrolling?

You can optionally add the css class «smooth-scroll» to each link the TOC. Then you can install plugin that uses these classes.


16 de julio de 2021
Perfect. Lightweight. Only wish it had AMP-friendly collapse options using "toggleVisibility" or something along those lines.
6 de julio de 2021
The plugin is perfect. The most important thing is that it does not use javascript. Just configure a block as needed and use it as a reusable block. Very good plugin - thanks for the good work
17 de junio de 2021
Buen complemente ligero y cumple el cometido!
8 de junio de 2021
Adding the SimpleTOC block to my pages is super easy, it works without any fuss, and it hasn't had any performance impacts as far as I can tell. I did find one bug, but the developer was able to fix it and publish a new version within a day or two, and they were very polite about it.
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  • Feature: SimpleTOC can be found in Gutenberg by entering «Table of Contents».


  • Feature: Add the css class «smooth-scroll» to the links. This enables smooth scrolling in themes like GeneratePress.


  • Feature: Support for headlines in reusable blocks.


  • Feature: Added option to toggle absolute urls.


  • Feature: Added option to replace ul tag with ol tag. This will add decimal numbers to each heading in the TOC.
  • Feature: Works in nested blockes. This means support for column block layouts.


  • Feature: Support for non-latin headlines. SimpleTOC now uses a character block list rather than an allow list.
  • Feature: Add the CSS class «simpletoc-hidden» to the heading block to remove it from the Table of Contents.


  • Feature: Experimental support for Arabic Text.


  • Feature: Added option to set maximum level of the headings.


  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translations to the translations. Thanks Ralden Souza!


  • Añadida compatibilidad para el plugin Rank Math.