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PentryForms – Lead Capture Software


Capture real-time data from users who abandoned your form before hitting the ‘Submit’ button. Collect data in real-time as it is entered on your forms. Pentryforms is a lead capture, lead recovery, and abandoned form recovery plugin for WordPress. It allows webmasters to capture leads who started filling out contact forms but for some reason didn’t click on the «submit» button. Pentryforms keeps track of all form submissions, submitted, in progress, and even abandoned, so you can see the data and where users dropped off.

You can also send custom notifications to users that abandoned your forms or checkout process. Recover abandoned forms, recover abandoned checkouts, generate more leads, optimize conversions, earn more with Pentryform’s powerful and data-rich experience.

Pentryforms is the only WordPress plugin that allows you to recover lost leads no matter what form builder you use. It’s perfect for any business and enables you:

☑ Recover lost leads
☑ Recover abandoned checkout page
☑ Improve your form experience
☑ Rescue and validate lost leads
☑ Capture leads
☑ Get more info about partial leads

With our lead capturing plugin you can contact visitors who didn’t complete the forms on your website to see if they need assistance, send them friendly reminders or coupon codes.

Gather data from lost leads with Partial Submissions

Imagine the data you could gather if you were able to view the unfinished responses of people who start your form and leave. Now you can generate more leads, recover lost leads, get more info on visitor’s behavior. The Pentryforms plugin can act as the greatest source for businesses and marketers to collect all the essential client information directly via the website.

Contact Form 7 Lead Recovery

Collect data in real-time as it is entered on your forms. Start collecting partial submissions with our WordPress lead recovery plugin. Unveil the reasons behind form abandonment, and use these insights to improve your forms and conversion rates.

WooCommerce Checkout Page Recovery

Research shows about 60% of the users who go to the checkout page, do not complete their purchase. Even the best-optimized checkout process has an abandonment rate of up to 30%. But with our plugin, you can contact visitors who abandoned the checkout page. Simply install our lead recovery plugin for WooCommerce and recover your lost revenue. The plugin captures the email address, phone number, and other user’s info on the checkout page. With our checkout page recovery plugin, you can remind users to complete the purchase, ask for feedback or offer a custom discount that will entice potential buyers to complete the checkout process.



Will it work with any form on my website?

Absolutely. Our plugin works with all possible forms and form builders.

Do I Need Any Technical Experience to Use This Plugin?

All you have to know is how to install plugins on your WP website.

How do I see my leads?

You will see them on your Control Panel.

Is PentryForms free to use?

Yes, the basic plugin that creates the lead generation form is free. Additional services are available through the [Premium] and [Pro] license.

Can I use PentryForms on the homepage?

Yes, you can load it on any page and on multiple pages.


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