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Coinwidget Shortcode


This plugin adds the shortcode [coinwidget] to embed a bitcoin donation button.


Since the source has not changed in some time, this plugin is now based on a branch available at

To get public information about your Bitcoin address it makes queries to
To get public information about your Litecoin address it makes queries to
To get public information about your Dogecoin address it makes queries to


Embed the short [coinwidget] anywhere in your posts or template to include a coinbase button that, when clicked, will display a address for users to send Bitcoins.

Supported attributes as documented here

  • address – default «»
  • currency – default «bitcoin», possible («bitcoin», «litecoin», «dogecoin»)
  • counter – default «count»
  • alignment – default «bl»
  • qrcode – default «true»
  • auto_show – default «false»
  • decimals – default «4»
  • lbl_button – default «Donate»
  • lbl_address – default «My Bitcoin Address:»
  • lbl_count – default «donations»
  • lbl_amount – default «BTC»


    address="12uaFq9CyGZBoT6nSbVzZ2AjGnZkfRSHoy" currency="bitcoin"
    counter="count" alignment="al" qrcode="false" auto_show="true"
    lbl_button="Press Me" lbl_address="Me Place" lbl_count="Gimme"


  • The coinwidget button that how it will appear on the page
  • The expanded popup when the user clicks on the button.


  1. Download the plugin via
  2. Includes the current master branch of from here ( You should be able to upgrade to newer versions by replace the contents of that folder.
  3. Include the shortcode anywhere in your posts or pages or template. With the appropriate plugins you can also include shortcodes in sidebar widgets.


I’ve installed the plugin – now what?

Anywhere in a post or template (or sidebar widget if you have the appropriate plugins installed) you can include the text [coinwidget address=»»] and it will be replaced with a button as seen on


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Registro de cambios


  • 2014-12-23
  • Updated to a branch of the plugin from (commit 4c352afee53879e0e9168bcf3c807cfe16ef9e86).
  • Fixes bugs and adds support for Dogecoin.
  • Added span container around shortcode to ensure that it is embedded at the correct location on the page with a unique id for each span.


  • 2014-01-16
  • Fix for issue #4 –
  • Replaced document.lastChild.firstChild.appendChild(x) with this document.body.appendChild(x)


  • 2013-12-09
  • Initial release