Cinza Grid


Cinza Grid is a minimal grid plugin built with Isotope by Metafizzy. It makes lightweight and flexible grids that can be easily customized with CSS.

Visit our website to view the plugin demo.


  • Global grid options
  • Grid skin settings


Upload the Cinza Grid plugin to your WordPress site, activate it, and start creating grids.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


Release Date – 14th February, 2023

  • Disabled single post frontend in register_post_type
  • WP 6.4.3 compatibility test


Release Date – 21st December, 2023

  • Added sort by ‘rand’
  • WP 6.4.2 compatibility test


Release Date – 24th August, 2023

  • WP repo file reupload


Release Date – 23rd August, 2023

  • Added ‘%excerpt%’ meta
  • Updated how skin input sanitization


Release Date – 1st August, 2023

  • Fixed filter support for button with slashes


Release Date – 28th June, 2023

  • Fixed filter support for multiple lines


Release Date – 16th June, 2023

  • Minor interface improvements


Release Date – 3rd May, 2023

  • Added %img(‘size’)% and %imgurl(‘size’)% to skin
  • Updated frontend style to fix mobile and one column layout
  • Updated frontend script to fix isotope trigger
  • Updated backend style and made accessibility improvements
  • Convert backend checkboxes into toggles
  • WP 6.2 compatibility test


Release Date – 27th January, 2023

  • Cinza website and demo URLs update
  • WP 6.1.1 compatibility test


Release Date – 11th December, 2022

  • Added layout modes (fitRow and masonry)
  • Fixed filter button «All» placeholder
  • Fixed filter buttons to accept the special character &
  • Disabled single posts
  • Backend responsiveness improvements


Release Date – 7th November, 2022

  • WP 6.1 compatibility test


Release Date – 20th October, 2022

  • Added query string support – For filters with single or multiple parameters, local scroll, and URL real time update
  • Added Developers meta box
  • Updated backend CSS
  • Updated plugin WP Repo assets
  • PHP v8.0 tests and fixes


Release Date – 15th September, 2022

  • Added new full width option
  • Added new javascript function for URL query filter
  • Added ‘%slug%’ meta
  • Added condition to check if Rank Math is active before filter exclude_post_type
  • Added new Rank Math filter set robots to noindex nofollow
  • Added new function for breakpoint styling
  • Improved meta field validations
  • Improved ‘%content%’ meta


Release Date – 20th July, 2022

  • Added custom skin meta for content
  • Set transition duration to 0.4 seconds
  • Style fixes


Release Date – 15th July, 2022

  • Fixed dynamic frontend style
  • Fixed JavaScript console errors
  • Fixed filter tags for grid items
  • Fixed filter_meta_replace and filter_tax_replace
  • Removed duplicated Metafizzy script
  • Removed skin debug strings for WP Queries


Release Date – 14th July, 2022

  • Added new parameters for WP Query: number of items, order by meta field, taxonomy and taxonomy terms


Release Date – 14th July, 2022

  • Fixed breakpoints
  • Added validations for filters and sorting functions


Release Date – 13th July, 2022

  • Added new settings for breakpoints, columns, min-height and spacing
  • Updated backend and frontend style
  • Fixed single grid item CSS class
  • Fixed skin meta tag function


Release Date – 29th June, 2022

  • Version 1.0.0 is finally ready!
  • Works with any post type and order
  • Custom skin setup for easy use of post details: title, url, thumbnail (image or url), date (any format), taxonomy (plaint text, with link and/or separator), any meta fields
  • Sort buttons, sorting by any the CSS class of the specified element entered in the skin
  • Filter buttons, filtering by the content of the specified element entered in the skin


Release Date – 1st June, 2022

  • WP 6.0 compatibility test


Release Date – 25th May, 2022

  • Custom Post Type and shortcode fixes


Release Date – 25th May, 2022

  • UI/UX improvements


Release Date – 18th May, 2022

  • Added custom skin meta for custom fields and taxonomy


Release Date – 17th May, 2022

  • Added custom skin meta for title, url, date (default and custom)


Release Date – 13th May, 2022

  • First beta release!