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Contact Form 7 itself doesn’t directly save form submissions to a database. However, with this database extension for Contact Form 7, you can achieve this functionality. It supports saving data from all of the standard form field types offered by Contact Form 7.


  • Frontend Demo
    Fill submission details for testing
  • Backend Demo
    Log in WordPress dashboard to view the saved data
    Username: demo
    Password: demo

⛩️ Get Database for Contact Form 7 Pro

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Without this plugin, you have to check each and every email to manually copy and keep the data you want.

With this plugin, all the Contact Form 7 data will be automatically saved and displayed neatly in the WordPress dashboard. Ready for you to view, sort out, filter, and export any time you want.

This is a good way to automate the process of saving submitted data. The premium version works for all forms: contact form, quote form, request form, registration form, and so on.


After activating CF7 Database plugin, you will see a new Database menu nested under Contact menu. That’s where you can view and manage your contact form database.

What you can do in Database dashboard:

  • Save all data from Contact Form 7 to database
  • Easy to change the tags
  • Edit details for each contact entry
  • Bulk delete contact entries
  • Drag and drop to sort columns
  • Show/hide columns
  • Export all data to CSV
  • Export any column’s data to CSV
  • Display data for the selected form
  • Automatically record data from multiple forms (Pro)

Info included:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Submission data & time
  • User ID
  • IP
  • And other information that you collect in the forms

This plugin offers additional functionalities like saving user IP addresses, timestamps, or structured content data.


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  • This is an extension for Contact Form 7, meaning you have to install and activate Contact Form 7 beforehand.
  • This add-on is compatible with all major WordPress themes, plugins and page builders.
  • Go perfectly with Multi-Step for Contact Form 7.


This plugin is inspired by Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi.

Many thanks to Takayuki-sensei for making it possible.


  • A contact form 7 on the front-end
  • Contact form database in WordPress dashboard
  • Contact form 7 data display option


Manual installation is easy and takes fewer than one minute.

  1. Download the plugin from, unpack it and upload the [Contact Form 7 Database] folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to your main WordPress menu > Contact form 7 > Database, and configure the basic options (fan page URL, color, language, where to display, etc)

You’re done. Enjoy.


Is Database for Contact Form 7 free?

Yes, with the free version, you are allowed to save 1 form to the database, including all fields and professional options. Should you have multiple forms and you want to save them all, don’t hesitate to upgrade to the CF7 Database pro version. It’s a big time-saver. And you pay once to use it forever.

What will I get if I become a premium user?

You can save unlimited data from unlimited forms. You’ll have our priority support for whatever issue you have with saving the form details. You can even also ask us to develop new options or features!

Is this plugin compliant with GDPR?

Absolutely! Database for Contact Form 7 doesn’t collect or store any user personal information. So rest assured.
Additionally, you can check out our plugin GDPR Compliance to help make sure your WordPress site is GDPR-friendly.


19 de agosto de 2022
My latest project requires a complex CF7 registration form, the data of which must be editable by subadmins. I’m not sure any of the other db plugins provide this, at least for free. It’s what caused me to install this one, and it works splendidly. It also provides for editing, hiding and rearranging labels for a much improved admin UX. One thing this lets you do is replace underscores in CF7 tags with spaces. Adding these features was a very nice touch! I had a special request that the plugin not store empty/null fields (repetitive groups when not all are used) and the devs provided this fix, plus a bonus of clickable URLs for attached/uploaded signature files that open in a new browser tab. These updates were provided within a couple of days after the request. Outstanding support!
13 de febrero de 2022
It is very useful. It even lets you modify the form inputs. Thanks a lot
27 de julio de 2021 3 replies
I don’t mind that the free version only displays data from a single form. What I do mind though is the fact that it is not translation ready. Such a basic feature and they just ‘forget’ to add the support for it. EDIT: coder added the code needed to translate the plugin to other languages.
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Mar 22, 2024 – Version 3.0.8

  • Fixed: Change text-domain

Mar 7, 2024 – Version 3.0.7

  • Improved: Security

Apr 3, 2023 – Version 3.0.6

  • Added: Filter change delimiter when export CSV file (Pro version)
  • Added: Space to multiple checkboxes
  • Fixed: Not save hidden field
  • Fixed: Not save submit IP

Oct 11, 2022 – Version 3.0.5

  • Added: Alert when activating 2 versions
  • Fixed: Small bugs

Oct 29, 2021 – Version 3.0.4

  • Fixed: Error when activate plugin

Jul 27, 2021 – Version 3.0.3

  • Added: Translate
  • Fixed: Some small bugs

Jul 14, 2021 – Version 3.0.2

  • Fixed: Export CSV file

Jun 21, 2021 – Version 3.0.1

  • Added: Export by filter

Mar 22, 2021 – Version 3.0

  • Added: New UI
  • Added: Search feature
  • Added: New hook
  • Added: Select row to export
  • Added: on/off hide empty rows (only on vertical table)
  • Added: Click to view if value is URL
  • Added: Horizontal scroll by default
  • Added: Filter dropdown
  • Added: View Database link
  • Improved: Notification UI
  • Improved: Tooltip
  • Improved: Sort column
  • Improved: UI color
  • Improved: Checkbox
  • Improved: Table padding
  • Improved: Center/ Middle loading icon
  • Improved: View popup
  • Remove: User_id due to the change of CF7
  • Fixed: Error with apostrophe
  • Fixed bug when save settings without data
  • Fixed: Remove deprecated function
  • Fixed: Time bug
  • Fixed: Fix bugs and CSS
  • Fixed: CSS padding
  • Fixed: Export CSV
  • Fixed: UTF8
  • Fixed: CSS pagination
  • Fixed: Active input color
  • Fixed: No data checkbox issue
  • Fixed: Scroll issue
  • Fixed: Search CSS
  • Fixed: Button Settings issues
  • Fixed: Some bugs


  • Fixed: Data is Sanitized, Escaped, and Validated and other small bugs


  • Added: Click to view if value is URL
  • Added: on/off hide empty rows (only on vertical table)
  • Added: Column ID
  • Added: new hooks
  • Fixed: Time bug
  • Fixed: Remove deprecated function
  • Fixed: bug when save settings without data
  • Fixed: Some small bugs
  • Fixed: Error with apostrophe
  • Remove: User_id due to the change of CF7


  • Added: Edit contact data function
  • Added: 2 layout types
  • Added: Search feature
  • Added: Select row to export
  • Fixed: CSS pagination
  • Fixed: UTF8
  • Fixed: Export CSV
  • Fixed: CSS padding
  • Fixed: Fix bugs and CSS


— Fixed: Javascript bug
– Fixed: Delete error
– Fixed: Export CSV function


  • Version 1.0 Initial Release