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This plugin provides an easy way to incorporate a bug/enhancement tracking system to a WordPress site. By adding a shortcode to a page, users will be able to display a bug list and allow visitors to submit new bugs / enhancements. The plugin will also provide search and sorting capabilities. A captcha and approval mechanism will allow the site admin to avoid spam.

You can try it out in a temporary copy of WordPress here.


  • Bug Listing
  • Form to report new issues


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Upload the extracted folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin in the WordPress Admin
  4. To get a basic Bug Library list showing on one of your WordPress pages, create a new page and type the following text: [bug-library]

There are a number of optional arguments that can be specified with the shortcode. Here they are with examples for each:

[bug-library bugcategorylist=’3,4,5′] = List of bug categories to display
[bug-library bugtypeid=’4′] = List of bugs from a specific category
[bug-library bugstatusid=’5′] = List of bugs that have a specific status
[bug-library bugpriorityid=’6′] = List of bugs that have a specific priority

These shortcode options can be combined:

[bug-library bugcategorylist=’3,4,5′ bugtypeid=’4′ bugstatusid=’5′ bugpriorityid=’6′]

  1. Configure the Bug Library General Options section for more control over the plugin functionality.
  2. Copy the file single-bug-library-bugs.php from the bug-library plugin directory to your theme directory to display all information related to your bugs. You might have to edit this file a bit and compare it to single.php to get the proper layout to show up on your web site.


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12 de septiembre de 2020
A nice plugin for when you want an uncomplicated way to track issues/bugs. On the couple of times that I have encountered a glitch Yannick has been very responsive and fixed it quickly. If you don’t need an advanced bug/issue tracking tool with complex features and integrations, and you want a simpler alternative that gets the job done, then I highly recommend this plugin. Give it a go and you’ll find that it is worthy of a donation.
10 de mayo de 2019
may need a few tweaks on filtering but love this plugin very simple and does the job Edit – blooming amazing, filter was my own fault – dev added IDs to lists so I can now filter perfectly, damn good job 🙂
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Registro de cambios


  • Fixed potential security issue


  • Fixed potential security issue


  • Restricted file types that can be attached to user bug reports to ‘bmp’, ‘txt’, ‘png’, ‘jpg’, ‘pdf’, ‘jpeg’


  • Added new function to export links to a CSV file


  • Addressed possible security issue


  • New plugin icon
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed issue with resolution date picker not working


  • Single bug template provided with plugin now automatically loads from plugin folder if not found in theme
  • Fixed issues with undefined variables in single-bug-library-bugs.php


  • Added translation support


  • Added new option to specify default product to be selected in new bug submission form


  • Fixed issue where visitors could not report new issues when filtering issues by product


  • Added ID column when showing Products, Status, Types and Priority


  • Fix for display of bug reporter name


  • Selections in drop-down lists are re-selected if submission is not accepted


  • Added options to add empty option to product and issue list to make sure that users select a product and issue


  • Enhanced quick edit for bugs to be able to easily change product, status, priority and other fields
  • Added option to remove bugs from site search results


  • Re-wrote user query code for bug assignment to avoid issues on some installations


  • Fixes to work on sites that are not installed at the root of a URL


  • Fixes to work on sites that are not installed at the root of a URL


  • Fixed issue accessing category menus


  • Added options to be able to hide the product, version number and issue type fields


  • Modified bug query for shortcode display to avoid displaying bugs that are in trash


  • Re-arranged all menu items under Bugs menu in admin to make it easier to find all related items
  • General code cleanup


  • Changed file_get_contents for wp_remote_fopen


  • Updated single item template for twenty-fifteen theme
  • Corrected some issues with default options not being created correctly
  • Added uninstall function
  • Corrected label in admin


  • Corrected PHP code warning


  • Added new option to allow comments to be closed automatically when a user-defined closure status is assigned to a bug


  • Fixed problem with activating file attachments


  • Removed hard-coded image file extension when uploading attachments


  • Corrected PHP warnings


  • Changed mechanism to display the submit new issues popup


  • Corrected PHP warnings


  • Updated colorbox script to fix problem with black box when submitting new issues in latest version of WordPress


  • Updated jQuery datapicker script to fix problem with latest versions of WordPress


  • Fixed uncaught reference error in javascript code


  • Added field to define default user bug priority in configuration panel
  • New user reported issues now have a priority so they can appear in the list


  • Added code to make sure that post data is available when saving custom bug data


  • Added CDATA tags around javascript code
  • Removed unnecessary quotes around PHP code to render meta boxes


  • Removed reference to non-existent table in admin menu code


  • Update to ensure compatibility with WordPress 3.3


  • Added options to shortcode to allow users to specify bug priority, type and status as arguments


  • Fixed issue with status field not display correct entry when editing bugs
  • Modified join condition in bug display code to avoid upgrade issues with missing priorities


  • Changed Upload Image option to Upload File. Changed code that displayed image to become link to attached file.


  • Added options to make the reporter name and reporter e-mail required fields in the user issue submission form


  • Corrected variable with bad name


  • Added filters in admin bug list page to filters bugs by type, status and product
  • Corrected problem with product, status and type getting deleted if you quick edited a bug


  • First release of Bug Library