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Yandex Delivery


Yango is a taxi and delivery ordering platform that makes everything much easier and faster. It operates in over 600 large cities across 17 countries around the world — in some of these places, it’s known as Yandex Go.


Yandex Go Delivery plugin installation instructions for WooCommerce

  1. Register with Yandex Go Delivery for business. Register
  2. Log in to your Yandex Go corporate account. Open the Company Profile tab. Open
  3. Click the Get button next to API Token. Copy the token.
  4. Go to the Installed section. Find the Yandex Go Delivery plugin on the list of plugins. Activate it if it’s not activated yet.
  5. Go to the delivery method settings: Yandex Go Delivery → Settings
  6. Enter the Yandex Go Delivery API token. Complete the remaining fields to configure the plugin.
  7. Check the Enabled in Cart box if needed. This will include the Yandex Go Delivery option in your online store’s cart. The price will be calculated after the user enters their delivery address.
  8. Go to warehouse management: Yandex Go Delivery → Warehouses. Enter the addresses of the warehouses or stores that will be shipping orders to customers. Select a default warehouse. This location will be used to calculate the delivery price in the cart.
  9. Go to the order list: WooCommerce → Orders
  10. Make sure the Actions column is shown in the order list. If you don’t see this column, click Display Settings, put a check mark by the Actions field and click Apply.
  11. The list of orders that can be shipped with Yandex Go Delivery includes a delivery button. Click it to go to the delivery request form for the selected order.
  12. To see for which orders the customer selected Yandex Go Delivery (Yango Delivery), enter Yandex Go Delivery in the order search bar.
  13. To ship several orders at the same time, select them and the action «Send orders to Yandex Go Delivery (Yango Delivery),» then click the Apply button to go to the delivery form.
  14. After completing the form, click the Calculate button to calculate the shipping cost.
  15. After the calculation, you’ll see the delivery price, service class and pickup time. To confirm the delivery request with the specified price, click the Confirm Request button.
  16. You can track the delivery in the order card.

How do I sign a contract with Yandex Go Delivery? How do I get access to my Yandex Go Delivery (Yango Delivery) partner account?

To access your Yandex Go Delivery partner account, you need to accept the offer

  1. Apply on the module settings page or here:
  2. You’ll receive an email with your Yandex.Passport registration data
  3. Log in to your account in Yandex.Passport and set your permanent password
  4. Go to open your Yandex Go Delivery partner account
  5. In the Company Profile tab, fill in the missing information, confirm the offer and submit it for moderation.
  6. Request moderation takes around 30 minutes. After moderation is complete, you’ll receive a notification.
  7. Make a deposit and order your first deliveries

Where do I get a Yandex Go Delivery token?

You can get a Yandex Go token in your Yandex Go Delivery partner account

How do I get a Geocoder token?

Go to

  1. Click Get Key
  2. Select the account to log in to
  3. Click Connect API
  4. Select Developer API Account
  5. Accept the agreement and click Confirm
  6. Click Go to API
  7. Go back to the API Interfaces (the blue breadcrumbs to the left)
  8. On the right, click Connect API
  9. Select JavaScript API and HTTP Geocoder
  10. Enter the data.
  11. The geocoder API is now connected. To copy the token, select JavaScript API and HTTP Geocoder
  12. Copy the key and insert it on the module settings page

I see the notification «Not authorized request»

  1. Your token does not allow you to order delivery via Yandex Go Delivery
    Please sign a delivery contract with Yandex Go Delivery

  2. Your balance is below the limit, you need to make a deposit

The token I entered is correct, but the order price won’t calculate

If the maps haven’t loaded, that means the Geocoder key hasn’t been activated yet

It takes between several and 24 hours for the geocoder key to activate.

Why is the price for the customer in the cart different from the price for me and my store?

In the cart, we show the price at the moment delivery is ordered. If a long time passes between the initial order and delivery request, the price will change.

To cover these price fluctuations, you can upcharge for delivery. You can also set a fixed price for the shopper or offer free shipping for orders from a certain amount.

I can show two different services in the cart: Yandex Go Delivery, or Yandex Go Express Delivery. What’s the difference?

We offer express delivery services, but we don’t know how fast you can get orders ready to deliver. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to choose which delivery type to offer your customers: basic or express (within 2-3 hours). If you’re ready to ship as soon as an order is placed, use Express and impress your customers with the delivery speed.


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