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WordPress Custom Widget


Jared Ritchey Design Presents, WP Custom Widget for WordPress which was built to make WordPress function more like a CMS. With this widget you can create your own conten, HTML, JavaScript and even PHP elements to be displayed in widgets which you can assign to be displayed based on pages, posts, categories and tags or all pages should you desire. By adding in the feature to allow you a way of assigning the widget based on certain conditions, you can display widgetized items that are relevent to the content.

Tested with version 3.0 and WordPress MU, the custom widget can support literally dozens of individual items. We have some sites where the number of custom elements exceeds 50 or so events. Look at the FAQ tab above to answer some common questions we encounter.

For Theme Developers, please visit for details on how to distribute this plugin with your WordPress themes FREELY and Without Additional License Requirements. We can provide you easy to include PHP code to make your distribution of the plugin exceptionally easy.

Important Recent Updates This Release

  1. WIDGET SUPPORT you can even assign the pages or posts the items will show up on.

Features In Next Release

  1. Adding in the ability to display variable content and even rotating content.
  2. Adding in the feature to allow for some RSS inclusion.

Additional Configuration Notes

Support forum is brand spaking new and should be used by visiting

Quick Start Guide

  1. Use only widgetized themes
  2. In the Appearance Tab, simply drag the widget to a zone and add content.
  3. Once created and saved the widget should show up instantly.
  4. Some code will cause conflicts and you should not try to run WordPress functions unless you understand how.
  5. As always additional and more detailed information is available on the website.

What Kind Of Code Can I Use

  • JavaScript for the most part.
  • CSS Most Certainly.
  • Any HTML seems to work.
  • PHP will also parse but don’t count on all code working if it trys to exploit WordPress core code.

Example layouts and css can be found on the project(s) site located at or by contacting us for technical support.


  • /tags/1.0.4/screenshot-1.jpg
  • /tags/1.0.4/screenshot-2.jpg


  1. Extract the to your local system prior to upload.
  2. Upload wp-custom-widget folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugin Panel’ in WordPress
  4. While in the WordPress admin panel, simply navigate to the Appearance Tab.
  5. Select Widgets to find our «WidgetCreator» which you can now drag to any widget zone your theme supports.


  1. Is it just a widgetized way to do what WordPress condition tags do?
    Yes, essentially it replaces the need to core hack your them with such features.
  2. Can I distribute this with my theme commercial or otherwise?
    Yes, without further permission or requirements so long as the developer tag stays in tact.
  3. Can I assign the same element to multiple widget zones?
    Not always! We have tested it a few times where the widgets would have identical page and post ID’s and it causes an error, each instance should be uniquely named to avoid this.
  4. Can I add Google or other types of advertising JavaScript Code?
    I have personally tested it with code for my Google Analytics and have not problems with the output.
  5. Are there any linkback requirements?
    Linkback Requirements and posts about the product are certainly appreciated but by no means required. With all of our plugins we do not add link back features by default either. 🙂
  6. Will it work with OpenX Advertising Code?
    Yes, In fact the idea for this very widget was based on our previous phpAds widget which essentially did the same thing.


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