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Woo Message Support


Woo Message Support allows customer to give feedback or ask queries in a most handy way. On thank you page itself, there is a section, where customers can send message to administrator. When customer sends a message to site owner, both customer & administrator will be notified for that message.

As soon as administrator receives a message from customer, he will see a red email icon in woocommerce order listing page in admin. He can read and reply to customer’s messages from there.

*** Key Features ***

  • Enable customers to communicate in easiest way
  • Admin can see notification when customer sends query or message
  • Admin can reply in a handy way which results in better customer satisfaction

Let your customers tell you, how you’re doing..!!

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  • Customer submits query / feedback from thank you page about the order.
  • Admin has unread messages notification for specific order, which admin can read by doing hover on it.
  • Administrator replies back to customer from admin to his/her query from woocommerce edit order.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload woo-message-support to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


From where customer can communicate using this plugin?

On «Order Details» page, there will be a new section named «Feedback / Queries about this order» appearing when you install the plugin. Customer can submit message using that messagebox.

How do customer come to know that administrator has read message sent by him?

After refreshing the screen, customer will see message sent by them turn into green background if admin has read that message. Same way, when customer has read admin’s message, it will display with green background to administrator.

What is the email icon mean on woocommerce order listing screen?

A. When there is RED email icon in woocommerce order listing, it means you have unread message about that order from customer.
B. When there is GREY email icon in woocommerce order listing, it means you have read all messages for that order from customer.
C. When there is no email icon, it means you have no messages for that order.

I don’t see reply sent to customer.

Please make sure you have selected option «Note to customer» from order notes section. «Private notes» will not be sent to customers.


14 de mayo de 2018
It would be necessary to add the possibility to add an option to: "remove the subject field" for the client when on the admin part it would be indicated> remove Subject ". This would simplify and increase the clarity of the information.
24 de marzo de 2018
Hello, I give you 5 due to your idea. I would have given you 4 since when one side sends a message it does not appear on the other side until the other side reloads the page. If am missing something please respond. I have deactivated your plugin for a while hoping to check if the issue is solved in near future. Please keep it up the plugin is very useful
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