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WebP Express Plus


WebP Express Plus eliminates the necessary images and folders with graphics from processing using the «WebP Express» plugin. Works ONLY in combination with «WebP Express» by Bjørn Rosell.

WebP Express Plus – an important improvement!

Slider (or other element) the site stopped working after connecting WebP using the «WebP Express» plugin? Don’t want to lose the quality of some photos when using WebP format for them? Our add-on will help you solve these problems!


  • The «WebP Express Plus» add-on only works when the «WebP Express» plugin is active and properly configured.
  • You must specify the path to the original jpg / png files.
  • New line = new path to the photo and / or photo folder.
  • The indication must start with»/», for example: /wp-content/uploads/2021/05/pic1.jpg
  • The path to the graphics folder must end with «/», for example: /wp-content/uploads/2021/05/


  • Excluding individual images
  • Excluding entire folders with graphics


  • Very simple interface
  • There are hints – everything is very simple!


  • Russian
  • English


  • The performance was tested with different settings of «WebP Express». If you notice incorrect operation of «WebP Express Plus» – write to us at with an indication of all installed plugins and the problem that occurred.
  • The «WebP Express Plus» plugin uses the features of the «PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser» version 1.9.1 HTML parser. Please note the product features and compatibility.


  • Plugin Settings


For automatic installation:
go to the WordPress admin panel under «Plugins» – > «Add New», then type «WebP Express Plus» Install.

Manual installation is also very easy:
1. Download the zip archive from the site and unzip it
2. Upload the «WebP Express Plus» plugin folder to the «/wp-content/plugins» directory/»
3. Activate the plugin via the Plugins menu in WordPress
4. Select «WebP Express Plus» in the panel and make the necessary improvements to your site!


«WebP Express» does not exclude files?

does not exclude

I know that WebP Express can exclude images!

It can be excluded only by format (png/jpg). The file/folder name exception does not work.

Do you still have questions?

Write to us at


25 de mayo de 2021
Спасибо! Много раз писал разработчику WebP Express о том, что в предложенном им варианте для исключения картинок не работает htaccess – ноль реакции. В результате приходилось в части случаев отказываться от плагина или выбирать его аналоги. И вот сейчас в очередной раз ставлю WebP Express и вижу «Plus» плагин и о чудо, он реально работает. Мониторьте пожалуйста изменения, не хотелось бы в новых версиях что бы плюс отвалился. Удачи
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