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WC Captcha is the Most Powerful Mathematical CAPTCHA for WordPress that seamlessly integrates into login, registration, lost password, comments, Form Spam, Security, SignIn, SignUp, bbPress, Contact Form 7, Woocommerce login/register forms, Any kind of forms/All forms and Woocommerce forms.

WC CAPTCHA is best to use a captcha plugin that offers a variety of settings and options. One of the most popular options is the WC captcha plugin, which comes with a variety of captcha types and features and shortcode bassed use plugin. It is compatible with many other popular WordPress plugins, such as Contact form 7, bbPress, WooCommerce, Elementor, WP Backery & other Page builders and many more.

For more information, check out the plugin page or see the Support Forum.

Totally free of cost plugin. You can use multiple languages. You can use WC Captcha on any page/costom areas of your website. The plugin can prevent spam and protect your site from malicious activity. WC Captcha Plugin protects comment forms on WordPress websites. It uses simple mathematical tasks, displayed as words or text, to prevent bots from submitting invalid forms. Because it embeds into WordPress forms, it is easy to install and use and WC Captcha Plugin is highly customizable.

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WordPress WC Captcha Plugin
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Las características incluyen:

  • Select where to use WC Captcha: login, registration and lost password forms, comments, Contact Form 7, bbPress, All forms and Woocommerce forms on your website
  • Ocultar el captcha para los usuarios conectados
  • Seleccionar qué operación matemática usar
  • Mostrar el captcha como números y/o palabras
  • Compatibilidad para varios captcha en una página
  • Bloquear el acceso directo de los bots de spam al archivo «wp-comments-post.php»
  • Opción para establecer el título del campo del captcha
  • Opción para establecer el tiempo de introducción del captcha
  • Add captcha on the forms useing shortcode
  • Multiple type forms and page builders supported
  • Incluido el archivo «.pot» para traducciones
  • Add Captcha on Woocommerce Login, Register and Reset Password forms


  • This is screenshot one - This is WC Captcha Settings Page.
  • This is screenshot two - Form demo screenshot.
  • This is screenshot three - Demo on Comment form.
  • This is screenshot four - How to enable WC Captcha for each sections and also for Woocommerce.
  • This is screenshot five - WC Captcha Plugin shortcode .
  • This is screenshot six - Plugin customization.
  • This is screenshot seven - Where you will find the WC Captcha Setting options.
  • This is screenshot eight - How to add WC Captcha on contact form 7.


  1. Instala WC Captcha desde el directorio de plugins de WordPress.org o subiendo los archivos a tu servidor
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress
  3. Ve al menú de WC Captcha y establece tus ajustes de visualización del captcha.

Instalar a través de FTP

Accede a tu espacio de alojamiento a través de un software FTP, por ejemplo, FileZilla.
Descomprime la carpeta descargada del plugin WC Captcha para WordPress sin hacer ningún cambio en la carpeta.
Sube el plugin WC Captcha para WordPress en la siguiente ubicación: «wp-content > wp-plugins».
Accede al panel de administración de WordPress.
Activa el plugin WC Captcha yendo a «Plugins» y pulsando el botón «Activar».


Q. I have a question. Where I get support?

R. Lo más probable es que alguien más lo haya preguntado. Echa un vistazo al foro de soporte en: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wc-captcha/

Q. Can I Use WC Captcha on any forms?

A. Yes you can use all kind of forms on your website. need support: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wc-captcha/

Q. Can I Use WC Captcha on Elementor / WP Backery or other page builders?

A. Yes you can use all kind of page builders that you wanted using shortcode. need support: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wc-captcha/

Q. Will WC Captcha plugin support Woocommerce?

A. Yes it is supported woocommerce login, registration and lost password forms. need support: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wc-captcha/


2 de agosto de 2022 1 reply
buggy and fails to save setting - waste of my time
23 de julio de 2022 1 reply
Hello, please add an option in the settings to ask if the sum is single-digit or multi-digit, for example.
11 de julio de 2022 1 reply
Omy! This plugin is a life saver! I have being battling spams for sometime till I downloaded this plugin. it helped me out! I love it omg! The Best!!!
10 de junio de 2022 3 replies
It shows up, but if you ignore to fill it, the mails come through. My INBOX can proof that. WP 6.0 / CF7 / WCC 1.3
28 de abril de 2022 3 replies
Nice plugin. only thing preventing me from leaving 5-Stars is despite settings as: Enable on Login Form only, plugin adds /wc-captcha/css/frontend.css - I know the css file is super small but still adding that additional request. Not an issue for myself for I have unloaded the file via Asset Cleanup Pro. But still think the plugin should not load the css file if only for login
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  • Nueva actualización – Actualizada la descripción del plugin.
  • Fixed Core Update issues.
  • Add captcha on Woocommerce forms (Login/Register/Lost Password) fixed.


  • Nueva actualización – Actualizada la descripción del plugin.
  • Fixed Core Update issues.
  • Add captcha on Woocommerce forms (Login/Register/Lost Password).
  • Changed shortcode.


  • Core Update.
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  • Changed shortcode.
  • Nueva actualización – Actualizada la descripción del plugin.
  • Add functions for all type forms.
  • Use WC Captcha anywhere.
  • You can add on Elementor and wpbackery via shortcode.
  • You can add on all kind of page builders.
  • Fixes style issues.
  • added new features.


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