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VideoNab is the best way to add videos to WordPress. Furthermore, VideoNab adds a fully responsive video stream to your website in a beautiful, organized list. Add any video directly from YouTube, and VideoNab will automatically place them anywhere on your site via a simple shortcode. The design is slick and created specifically to compliment any WordPress theme.
Video playback is presented in HD via an elegant design that includes it’s own commenting, pagination, sharing, and more. These beautiful videos will drive traffic to your site by encouraging comments and sharing direct links to your content. Perfect for video tutorials, contests, video portfolios, filmmakers, and other users who need to organize their videos and present them in style.

Key Features

  • Manually add videos to your site via a simple interface
  • Facebook commenting system for each video
  • All videos are organized in a modern design fit for all sites
  • Specify the number of videos to display, and other customizations
  • Fully Responsive for displaying videos on all devices
  • Designed to visually integrate into any WordPress theme
  • Sharing system that links other users directly to your site instead of YouTube
  • Re-title Videos and their descriptions as needed
  • Edit permalink titles of videos as needed and enhance SEO
  • Latest YouTube API
  • Pro version available: Aggregate youtube videos automatically, voting, and more!

Check out the live demo:
(Yes, we used VideoNab Lite as the video tutorial tool for VideoNab Pro – to show you how it works in the wild!)

Also See:
VideoNab Documentation:
VideoNab Pro (LOTS More features!):


  • List View
  • Video Detail View
  • VideoNab is 100% responsive and displays properly on all devices
  • Manage videos, change titles / descriptions and more via the VideoNab admin
  • Customize the way your videos are displayed with ease.
  • Share videos across all Social Media sites and drive traffic to your site!


  1. Installing VideoNab is a piece of cake. Simply navigate to the «Plugins» section of your WordPress admin, and select «Add New».
  2. You’ll then want to select «Upload» from the menu at the top of this page. On the next screen, you’ll want to click «browse» which will allow you to locate your VideoNab zip file.
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  3. Once you’ve selected your file, click «Install Now» to start uploading the plugin. After it is finished uploading, you’ll click the «Activate Plugin Now» option.
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  4. That’s it! High five, VideoNab is now installed. You’ll now see the VideoNab tab in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin, It’s time to setup the plugin!

Full Documentation here:

—Setup & Settings—
The first section you’ll want to visit is the VideoNab Settings panel. This is found under the main VideoNab tab. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the settings you’ll find, as well as their purpose. A more detailed overview follows after the image. You’ll want to set each setting to your preference in order to properly display your videos.
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  1. Number of Videos Per Page
    VideoNab consists of 2 core sections on the front-end: The video stream, and the video detail page. This option allows you to set the number of videos that are contained on a single page of the video stream (the list of videos users will first see). This setting is important as you’ll use it to control the vertical height of the list, so you can customize how many video previews are shown in order to make it fit within your page or post as needed.

  2. Include Pagination
    This setting automatically adds pagination to your video stream. This is important as in some cases, especially if not using the Event (Pro Version only:, you may only have a few videos. If all videos fit on a single page of your stream, you can set this to off for a cleaner interface. For users with a LOT of videos, its crucial that this setting is enabled.

  3. Enable Comments
    This automatically adds a commenting system to each video (it will not post comments to YouTube).

  4. Choose Main Video Page
    This page is the location where you’ve chosen to place the video stream. Note that this doesn’t add the stream to the page (you’ll need to place the [VideoNab] shortcut for that) but simply tells VideoNab where the video detail page should link to if the visitor clicks the «return» icon.

—Manually Adding Videos—
VideoNabLite gives you the ability to manually add any video of your choosing form YouTube. This is perfect for sites that need to display only a few videos, such as a collection of tutorials, or specific videos from their own collection/channel. For site needing more features, including automated video aggregation and voting, we recommend upgrading to VideoNabPro:
1. Navigate to the tab VideoNab > Add New Video
2. Enter the url for each video as needed. See the example below for more details. All videos are added to your video stream, and are also added to your admin list, where you can change the title and details if so desired.
Image reference:

—Editing Video Details—
Once you’ve manually added videos, VideoNabLite gives you the ability to change the title and description of each video as needed. Further, you can change the permalinks of your videos to enhance SEO and drive traffic to your site.
1. Navigate to the VideoNab tab to see a list of your videos. From here, you have a few quick-edit options, such as the ability to block videos, and change their dates to reorder.
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2. Click on a video title for more advanced options. You will be taken to the video details page. Check out the details below:
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—Placing your VideoNab video Stream into a Page or Post—
After all of your settings are to your liking, it’s time to place the actual feed into your site! This is as simple as it gets, simply paste the shortcode in any page or post where the feed is meant to appear. It looks like this: [[videonab]]
So, it’s as simple as copying that shortcode and pasting it right into the content area of your page, like this:
Image reference:
That’s it! You are officially live and VideoNab is grabbing some awesome videos.

—Flushing Videos—
Depending on topic, frequency of the event scheduler, etc., VideoNab can at some point aggregate a LOT of videos. If at any point you want to start with a clean slate, we’ve included the ability to «flush» all videos and start from scratch. To do so, follow these simple instructions:
1. Navigate to the «VideoNab > Video Removal» tab in WordPress admin.
2. Click «delete all videos», as shown below and, boom, you offically have a fresh start and life is good.

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