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UTM Leads Tracker – XLPlugins


Discover which marketing campaigns are actually profitable and which are wasting your time & money. UTM Lead Tracker records the source of the lead and shows it in WordPress Dashboard along the lead details.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew if the last sale happened because of the blog post or the Facebook ad?

This plugin tracks the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and helps you identify the winners.

Use it to:

  • Know the source of your leads.
  • Track ROI of your AdWords/ Facebook campaigns.
  • Uncover your most profitable traffic sources.

All you need to have is UTM Parameters in your marketing campaigns.

Use this {{Campaign URL Builder}} tool to generate URL

The plugin seamlessly integrates with

  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • WooCommerce
  • Gravity Forms (coming soon)

Why we built this?

Our eyes would light up every time we saw a new order.
But it was frustrating to be unaware of the source of it.
Was it our YouTube video or the blog post or the free version which led to sale?
What was the source of this order?
We didn’t know. We were relying on guess work. This means we couldn’t scale our marketing efforts.
To solve this problem we began to sprinkle Coupon codes.
People began to use coupon and I would get the source of leads.
But there was still a big problem.

Just to track the source of leads we were giving upfront discounts.

It was hurting our revenues.

Researched a bit and discovered that you can create URL with UTM parameters.
A set of additional parameters you can append to a URL that could help you identify the source of the lead.
So we set it up and began to see results in Google analytics.

Cool at least some part of the problem was solved.

But there were still couple of loose ends:
* Only the traffic stats were captured
* We had to log in to the analytics to see the traffic
* We still could not figure the source of lead if Sally saw our video or did she clicked on video to make a purchase.

UTM Leads Tracker was born to solve this problem.

If you can append UTM parameters to your links, UTM Lead Tracker would show you the source of the visit once it converts to lead.
So say you are marketing your products on Facebook and give UTM parameters as utm_source
Once that lead signs up your contact form or orders from you these parameters will be captured along with contact details.
Our system is compatible with eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
You can track source of your leads right from WordPress without having to visit google dashboard.
It keeps you informed about which channels are bringing more leads and gives you idea of your marketing campaigns effectiveness.

**Best part it’s free 🙂 **

So use this and track source of your leads hassle free.

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  • UTM Lead Tracker Stats Preview
  • Stats Preview for EDD
  • Stats Preview for WC


  1. Search UTM Leads Tracker in WordPress Repo and Install.
  2. Activate the Plugin.
  3. That’s it 🙂


Who is UTM Leads Tracker ideal for?

Those who want to track which of their campaigns are converting and which are time & money wasting.

How long does it take to set up UTM Leads Tracker?

Just Activate and it is done. From the moment plugin is active, it will keep track the user’s cookies and submit data on actions.


8 de julio de 2018
I had a question and the XL team responded with sufficient information for me to solve the issue. As a plugin developer, I know that's what really matters with development. Quick responses and a willingness to help. Kudos to the team for a wonderful plugin. 5-stars all the way!
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