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Seamless Digital Accessibility with UserWay
UserWay’s AI-Powered Accessibility Widget is trusted by millions of websites around the world. The widget was developed specifically to provide business owners of any size an affordable yet comprehensive accessibility solution while also making the web barrier-free for users regardless of ability.

Allow your website visitors to tailor their browsing experience to match their needs and preferences and show your commitment to digital accessibility with UserWay.

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How will UserWay help you and your site visitors?
Automatic Remediations Include:

  • Automatically generated alt text
  • Color contrast correction
  • Page structure and organization resolutions
  • Undefined and broken link remediation
  • …and many more!

Customization Tools Include:

  • Screen reader
  • Enlarged cursor
  • Highlighted links
  • Dyslexia-friendly font
  • …and many more!

Accessibility does not have to be complicated. With UserWay, making your website accessible is simple and affordable. Start your free trial today to experience true accessibility for yourself.


  • Comprobación del plugin
  • Página del plugin en el sitio.


  1. Instala el plugin en tu proyecto WordPress
  2. Ve al panel de control de la web
  3. Ve a la página «Plugins»
  4. Activar el plugin «UserWay Accessibility Widget»
  5. Registra el plugin en la página «Ajustes > UserWay»

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20 de enero de 2021
Like the review below me says, there is not a shortcut to accessibility. This is a cheap hack, or a gimmick. Please don't waste money on their "solution". WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance takes time and effort which can't be solved with Userway.
21 de enero de 2021
There is no such thing as a quick fix (one button click) for accessibility. This widget may be, at best, work like a small band aid. An accessible website needs amongst other things, semantic HTML5, good keyboard accessibility, meaningful (handwritten) alt texts for images and good screen reader feedback. This widget cannot provide that. The claim: “WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance is Within Reach” is a very bold one. Design and build a website from the start with accessibility in mind. The WordPress Accessibility Handbook is a good starting point. Note to the developer: The button to activate the widget doesn’t get keyboard focus. So can’t be activated by keyboard users. If you want to know more, I recommend reading: Reminder: Accessibility can’t be solved automatically by Joe Dolson.
22 de noviembre de 2020
This plugin is easy to install but so is literally every other plugin. The only instructions for userway are on how to install the plugin. I.e, not useful. Conversely, if you install this plugin manually, like another reviewer said, you cannot uninstall it. It's literally impossible short of reinstalling wordpress. Beware. I wouldn't recommend userway.
29 de septiembre de 2020
I tried this plugin on WordPress 5.5.1 With the Page Structure option the website would no longer load until I deactivated the plugin. If you visit the userway website and try to set it up manually you get a few options like icon placement, colour etc. With the WP plugin you get nothing of this, not even in the settings page. Would be far better if these options worked with the wordpress plugin. Since one must check functionality with different themes etc, it would also be beneficial if one could limit/hide options available on the free version and leave the advanced options and perks to the paid version. Othwerwise a great tool, especially the horizontal bar for users with Dyslexia.
9 de julio de 2020
UPDATE: I'm downgrading my review from five stars to four. The widget works well, but setup instructions are poor and support is virtually nonexistent. For the frustrated: After installing the plugin and registering on your dashboard, go to any other page on your site and look for the new blue icon in the upper right corner. Click to open it and adjust the settings to your taste from the Manage link, which will require you to create a password. Another tip: Create your accessibility statement on a new page on your site (copy and modify the one on UserWay's own site; it's exactly what they will send you if you ask for a template), then point to it from your UserWay panel. You can adjust the exact location of the corner icon using CSS, but styling the hover color or size is pretty much impossible, as they in-lined the style in the HTML with the !important rule. Otherwise the widget looks professional, works as advertised and seems pretty lightweight on resources so far. My only beef is that your new Accessibility Statement page opens in a new tab, which is poor practice, and I can't find a way do remove the target="_blank". Overall, for what you're paying and what you're getting, this is a decent plugin. The reason I downgraded my review is that I asked UserWay a question on their website, specifically about the accessibility statement opening in a new tab. They responded the following morning with a canned answer on how to create the accessibility statement page, which I had already done. Software is only as good as it performs and the support behind it, and there appears to be no support for this otherwise promising plugin.
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