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Real Time Responsive Images Plugin for WordPress by TwicPics

Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Real Time Responsive Images Plugin for WordPress by TwicPics


TwicPics is a real-time image processing service that enables individuals and businesses of all sizes to deliver high performing and rich visual content with easy setup.

It reduces image file sizes with adaptive compression and automatic Next-Gen format to boost your website performance and SEO by delivering pixel perfect images on the fly.

TwicPics ensures your images are perfect. Neither too big nor too small.

What is TwicPics?

Websites are heavier than ever and the main culprits are images. They eat up network bandwidth and increase the time visitors spend waiting for pages to load. Because every passing tenth of a second reduces your website’s overall conversion rate, this dramatically impacts its reputation as well as revenue.

TwicPics is a Responsive Image Service Solution (SaaS). It offers on-demand responsive image generation combined with a smart and unobtrusive JavaScript library, all based around a URL-based API.

TwicPics’ library being the heart of this WordPress plugin means you don’t have anything to do regarding your images optimization. The end-user never sees the original image. Instead, an optimized, perfectly sized, device-adapted image is delivered from a location close to him through a worldwide CDN.


  • Image resizing and DPR: TwicPics automatically detects the DPR of your visitors. This means your existing and future images are automatically sized at the correct DPR for any device.
  • Lazy loading: automatically defers offscreen images to improve page loading time. TwicPics also uses image placeholders for better user experience.
  • Process many image formats: non-animated AVIF, GIF, HEIF, JPEG, PNG and WebP formats are supported.
  • Next-Gen format and WebP conversion: for better optimization, your images are automatically converted to WebP format by default.
  • Lossless compression: TwicPics automatically removes useless data and compresses images on the fly. Reduce image size by up to 75% without compromising quality.
  • Rock solid architecture: 99.999% service uptime and 99.99% image delivery success on average.
  • Global CDN: serve your images closer to your visitors thanks to a worldwide CDN powered by Amazon™.
  • SEO optimization


The TwicPics plugin is compatible with WordPress websites that use Gutenberg blocks. However, we cannot guarantee it will work with all themes, plugins, and site builders.


  • The simplest way to tackle responsive images
  • Deliver the best image quality
  • Improve page loading time
  • Do not lose the SEO race


To get the full description of the plugin set up, please visit TwicPics website.

Set your TwicPics account

  • Create your TwicPics account here for free and define your personal TwicPics domain (e.g. xxxxxx.twic.pics).

Install the plugin

  • Install the plugin like you would do for any other plugin on WordPress.

Plugin settings

If you use other image optimization or lazy-loading plugins, please disable them or any related features before moving on the next steps.

  • Navigate to your WordPress plugins page and activate the TwicPics Plugin.
  • Go to the TwicPics Plugin settings.
  • Fill in the TwicPics domain field with your TwicPics domain.
  • Select the Optimization level that will be applied to your images (Pixel perfect or Maximum compatibility).
  • Save your settings.

That’s it! The plugin can now deliver real time responsive images to all of your WordPress website visitors.


16 de mayo de 2023
I find the documentation good, but still setting this up was fraught with pitfalls. Get it wrong and you just see «Access Denied». I think it could do better walking a person through the setup process. This also broke all our Alpine custom event handlers that used «@click». We had to replace them with «x-on:click» handlers.
21 de abril de 2023
after buying the business subscription it no longer works well, the images are often not uploaded, or are uploaded very slowly. furthermore, they do not even have a contact for assistance. negative in every respect, stay away from this service
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