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Team Master – A Modern WordPress Team Showcase


The functionality of this all-new “Team Master” plugin goes way beyond just display your team. There are a lot of customization options to change the way the image looks and the text on the bottom layers that are displayed in front of your team member’s image. It is also very responsive, letting you use it freely on any screen size like a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Team Builder Shortcode


Team Master Hooks

add_filter('add_template_thumbnail_admin', function ($img_url) { // Add your Thumbnail image URL and return });
add_action('add_template_markup_frontend', function ($args){ //Add your HTML code and stylize with the provided arguments });

Team Master Features

  • It comes with four beautiful and elegantly designed templates.
  • Now Just on a single click you can activate carousel on these designed templates.
  • Fully responsive, giving you complete freedom to see on any screen without interrupting the user experience.
  • The template styling option lets you make it look the way you want so that your team looks highly professional.
  • Team Master lets you add as many teams as you would like without complicating things for you.
  • There is a default shortcode that comes with the plugin, or else you can also create and use your own shortcodes with a built-in shortcode builder.
  • The bootstrap grid makes it super easy to give styling to your liking.
  • A countless number of ways to customize Team Master, choosing any color scheme your imagination can think of.
  • Add up to 15+ social media accounts for each team member to give them full exposure and let them showcase themselves in the best manner possible.
  • Customizable user experience further adds to the overall usage.
  • It has been tested and can easily go with all common/popular WordPress themes.
  • The layout at the backend is also straightforward, you don’t need to be a geek to make changes.
  • It is compatible across browsers with Team Archive and Team Single Page options.
  • It is just the start, we are actively working on improving this plugin. Wait for your existing features 🙂

Team Master Member Fields

  • Member Name/Title
  • Member Email
  • Member Phone
  • Member Designation
  • Member Short Description
  • Member Role/Groups for categorizing the members
  • Member Image
  • Member Long Description
  • Member Social media Icons
  • Member Social Media Links
  • And much more to come.

Team Master Default Settings

  • Default Template Option.
  • Default Style Options.
  • Default Columns Option.
  • Default Option to Select Number of Members to Show on Each Page.
  • Option for Displaying “Load More Button” for Ajax Base Members Loading.
  • Default Carousel options
  • And much more in store.


Please contribute to translating our plugin. Contact at

Easy & Simple Installation Guide to Team Master

  1. Upload the entire team-master folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to the Team Master menu to explore this plugin.
  4. Copy your Default [TEAM_MASTER] shortcode and paste into your page or post to display it.


  • screenshot-1 [Admin Settings Page]
  • screenshot-2 [Admin Shortcode Builder]
  • screenshot-3 [Admin Member Page]
  • screenshot-4 [Templates]
  • screenshot-5 [Carousel]
  • screenshot-6 [Member Single Page]
  • screenshot-7 [Modal]
  • screenshot-8 [Hooks Implementation]
  • screenshot-9 [Backend Custom Thumbnail]
  • screenshot-10 [Frontend Template]
  • screenshot-11 [Visual Composer]
  • screenshot-12 [Shortcode View]


Is there a Limit to Team Members for Team Master plugin?

No, there is no limit. Add an unlimited number of members and an easy to use backend panel lets you change the layout with simple shortcode builder.

Is It Possible to Display Team Members of any Post or Page?

Yes, absolutely. Just use the shortcode [TEAM_MASTER] on any page or post where you wish to display the members of your choice.

Is It Possible to Have My Own CSS Design on my team member output?

Using Custom CSS you can easily apply your custom design on frontend.

Is It Possible to Apply my own Design Css on my team members’ output?

Yes, you can by using custom CSS on the frontend.

Is this support social profiles for team members

Yes, you can easily add your team members social profiles – Facebook, twitter linked-in and Google+

How to add Team in the Widget Area?

Just open your widget menu then add «Text widget» , now paste your Team shortcode [TEAM_MASTER] in this text widget.

How to add custom template?

Now Team Master offer hooks to add custom template with the custom HTML and CSS just you need to use the provided hooks for adding the new template
For adding the image thumbnail at backend use this filter : add_filter(‘add_template_thumbnail_admin’, function ($img_url) { Add your Thumbnail image URL and return });
For adding the Template HTML at frontend use this action : add_action(‘add_template_markup_frontend’, function ($args){ Add your HTML code and stylize with the provided arguments });

Need your help

Feel Free to use the WordPress support forum to ask any queries regarding any issue.


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