Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Popular Brand Icons – Simple Icons


Add popular brand icons to WordPress with ease. Use these high quality SVG icons anywhere on your WordPress site, set the color and size using attributes.

Video Tutorial

How to use

Select an icon from the WordPress admin settings page, use the hashtag name in menus or use the shortcode for pages or php files.


[simple_icon name="wordpress" color="black" size="20px"]


  • name
    The name of the social icon (search to find an icon).

  • color (optional)
    The color of the icon (example: #ffffff or white).
    Default is pulled from the framework

  • size (optional)
    The size of the icon
    Default is 1.5rem

  • class (optional)
    Add a custom CSS class to the icon.

How to style icons

Use the following CSS code to change all icons color, size, etc.

span[class*="simple-icon"] {
    width: 2em;
    height: 2em;

span[class*="simple-icon"] svg {
    fill: #333;


Visit to view over 500+ available social media icons and popular brand icons. Use the shortcode [simple_icon] to display an icon or use #iconname# in your menu item title.

Use GitHub for social media or other icon requests, corrections and contributions.

Please post any issues under the support tab. If you use and like this plugin, please don’t forget to rate it! Additionally, if you would like to see more features for the plugin, please let me know.


Icons include: (1956 total icons) 42 icon, dot-net icon, 1001Tracklists icon, 1Password icon, 3M icon, 4D icon, 500px icon, a-frame icon, ABB RobotStudio icon, Abbvie icon, Ableton Live icon, about-dot-me icon, Abstract icon, Academia icon, Accenture icon, Acclaim icon, Accusoft icon, Acer icon, ACM icon, ActiGraph icon, Activision icon, Adafruit icon, AdBlock icon, Adblock Plus icon, AddThis icon, AdGuard icon, Adobe icon, Adobe Acrobat Reader icon, Adobe After Effects icon, Adobe Audition icon, Adobe Creative Cloud icon, Adobe Dreamweaver icon, Adobe Fonts icon, Adobe Illustrator icon, Adobe InDesign icon, Adobe Lightroom icon, Adobe Lightroom Classic icon, Adobe PhoneGap icon, Adobe Photoshop icon, Adobe Premiere Pro icon, Adobe XD icon, AdonisJS icon, Aer Lingus icon, Aeroflot icon, Aeroméxico icon, Aerospike icon, Affinity icon, Affinity Designer icon, Affinity Photo icon, Affinity Publisher icon, AI Dungeon icon, AIOHTTP icon, Aiqfome icon, Air Canada icon, Air China icon, Air France icon, AirAsia icon, Airbnb icon (social media icon), Airbus icon, Aircall icon, AirPlay Audio icon, AirPlay Video icon, Airtable icon, Alacritty icon, Alfa Romeo icon, Algolia icon, Alibaba Cloud icon, alibaba-dot-com icon, AliExpress icon, Alipay icon, Alitalia icon, AlliedModders icon, AlloCiné icon, AllTrails icon, Alpine Linux icon, Alpine.js icon, Altium Designer icon, Amazon icon, Amazon Alexa icon, Amazon AWS icon, Amazon DynamoDB icon, Amazon Fire TV icon, Amazon Lumberyard icon, Amazon Pay icon, Amazon Prime icon, Amazon S3 icon, AMD icon, American Airlines icon, American Express icon, AMP icon, Amul icon, ANA icon, Anaconda icon, Analogue icon, Anchor icon, Andela icon, Android icon, Android Auto icon, Android Studio icon, AngelList icon, Angular icon, Angular Universal icon, AngularJS icon, AniList icon, Ansible icon, Ansys icon, Ant Design icon, Antena 3 icon, AnyDesk icon, AOL icon, Apache icon, Apache Airflow icon, Apache Ant icon, Apache Cassandra icon, Apache CloudStack icon, Apache Cordova icon, Apache Druid icon, Apache ECharts icon, Apache Flink icon, Apache Groovy icon, Apache Hive icon, Apache JMeter icon, Apache Kafka icon, Apache Kylin icon, Apache Maven icon, Apache NetBeans IDE icon, Apache OpenOffice icon, Apache Pulsar icon, Apache RocketMQ icon, Apache Solr icon, Apache Spark icon, Apache Tomcat icon, Aparat icon, Apollo GraphQL icon, Apostrophe icon, App Store icon, Apple icon, Apple Arcade icon, Apple Music icon, Apple Pay icon, Apple Podcasts icon, Apple TV icon, AppSignal icon, AppVeyor icon, ARAL icon, ArangoDB icon, Arch Linux icon, Archicad icon, Archive of Our Own icon, Ardour icon, Arduino icon, ARK Ecosystem icon, Arlo icon, Artix Linux icon, ArtStation icon, arXiv icon, Asana icon, Asciidoctor icon, asciinema icon, Aseprite icon, Ask Ubuntu icon, ASKfm icon, AssemblyScript icon, ASUS icon, at-and-t icon, Atari icon, Atlassian icon, Atom icon, Audacity icon, Audi icon, Audible icon, audio-technica icon, Audioboom icon, Audiomack icon, Aurelia icon, Auth0 icon, Authy icon, Autodesk icon, AutoHotkey icon, Automatic icon, Automattic icon, Autotask icon, Aventrix icon, Awesome Lists icon, awesomeWM icon, AWS Amplify icon, Azure Artifacts icon, Azure Data Explorer icon, Azure DevOps icon, Azure Functions icon, Azure Pipelines icon, b-and-rautomation icon, Babel icon, Badgr icon, Badoo icon, Baidu icon, Bamboo icon, Bancontact icon, Bandcamp icon, BandLab icon, Bandsintown icon, Bank of America icon, Barclays icon, Baremetrics icon, Basecamp icon, Bata icon, Bath ASU icon, battle-dot-net icon, BBC icon, BBC iPlayer icon, Beatport icon, Beats icon, Beats by Dre icon, Behance icon, Beijing Subway icon, Bentley icon, Betfair icon, Big Cartel icon, bigbasket icon, BigCommerce icon, Bilibili icon, Bing icon, Bit icon, Bitbucket icon, Bitcoin icon, Bitcoin Cash icon, Bitcoin SV icon, Bitdefender icon, Bitly icon, Bitrise icon, Bitwarden icon, Bitwig icon, Blackberry icon, Blazemeter icon, Blazor icon, Blender icon, blockchain-dot-com icon, Blogger icon, Bloglovin icon, Blueprint icon, Bluetooth icon, BMC Software icon, BMW icon, Boeing icon, BookBub icon, Bookmeter icon, BookStack icon, Boost icon, Bootstrap icon, Bosch icon, Bose icon, Bower icon, Box icon, brand-dot-ai icon, Brandfolder icon, Brave icon, Breaker icon, British Airways icon, Broadcom icon, BT icon, Buddy icon, Buefy icon, Buffer icon, Bugatti icon, Bugcrowd icon, Bugsnag icon, Buildkite icon, Bulma icon, bunq icon, Buy Me A Coffee icon, BuzzFeed icon, byte icon, C icon, C Sharp icon, C++ icon, Cachet icon, Cairo Metro icon, CakePHP icon, Campaign Monitor icon, Canonical icon, Canva icon, Capacitor icon, Car Throttle icon, Carto icon, Cash App icon, Castbox icon, Castorama icon, Castro icon, Caterpillar icon, CBS icon, CD Projekt icon, Celery icon, CentOS icon, Ceph icon, Cesium icon, CEVO icon, Chai icon, Chainlink icon, Chakra UI icon, chart-dot-js icon, ChartMogul icon, Chase icon, ChatBot icon, CheckiO icon, Checkmarx icon, Chef icon, Chevrolet icon, China Eastern Airlines icon, China Southern Airlines icon, Chocolatey icon, Chrysler icon, Chupa Chups icon, Cinema 4D icon, Circle icon, CircleCI icon, Cirrus CI icon, Cisco icon, Citrix icon, Citroën icon, CiviCRM icon, CKEditor 4 icon, Claris icon, ClickUp icon, CLion icon, Cliqz icon, Clockify icon, Clojure icon, Cloud 66 icon, CloudBees icon, CloudCannon icon, Cloudera icon, Cloudflare icon, Cloudsmith icon, Cloudways icon, Clubhouse icon, Clyp icon, CMake icon, CNN icon, co-op icon, Cockroach Labs icon, CocoaPods icon, Cocos icon, Coda icon, Codacy icon, Code Climate icon, Codeberg icon, Codecademy icon, CodeceptJS icon, CodeChef icon, Codecov icon, CodeFactor icon, Codeforces icon, CodeIgniter icon, Codemagic icon, CodeMirror icon, CodeNewbie icon, CodePen icon, CodeProject icon, CodersRank icon, Coderwall icon, CodeSandbox icon, Codeship icon, Codewars icon, Coding Ninjas icon, CodinGame icon, Codio icon, CoffeeScript icon, Cognizant icon, 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Entertainment icon, De’Longhi icon, Debian icon, deepin icon, Deepnote icon, Deezer icon, delicious icon, Deliveroo icon, Dell icon, Delphi icon, Delta icon, Deno icon, Dependabot icon, Der Spiegel icon, Designer News icon, Deutsche Bahn icon, Deutsche Bank icon, dev-dot-to icon, DeviantArt icon, Devpost icon, devRant icon, Dgraph icon, DHL icon, diagrams-dot-net icon, Dialogflow icon, Diaspora icon, Digg icon (social media icon), digi-keyelectronics icon, DigitalOcean icon, Dior icon, Directus icon, Discogs icon, Discord icon, Discourse icon, Discover icon, Disqus icon, Disroot icon, Django icon, DLNA icon, Docker icon, DocuSign icon, Dogecoin icon, Dolby icon, DoorDash icon, Douban icon, draugiem-dot-lv icon, Dribbble icon (social media icon), Drone icon, Drooble icon, Dropbox icon, Drupal icon, DS Automobiles icon, DTube icon, DuckDuckGo icon, Dunked icon, Duolingo icon, dwm icon, Dynamics 365 icon, Dynatrace icon, EA icon, Eagle icon, easyJet icon, eBay icon, Eclipse Che icon, 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Simple Icon Contributors


  • Use social media icons in menu titles
  • Use social media icons as shortcode in your content
  • Highlight shortcode and click on the link button to create svg icon links
  • Example of front end use.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Use the shortcode [simple_icon] anywhere in your content, or use #example# in your menu item title


15 de octubre de 2020 1 reply
Hi, idea looks good but after activating the plugin and clicking View Icons it start loading and after some time I get an 504 error. Other plugins are responsive and working as expected, so I assume is something related to this plugin or some URL that is not working as expected. I’m able to use the shortcodes, only limitation for now is that I cannot view and search the icons using the View Icons section.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Popular Brand Icons – Simple Icons» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Fix an issue causing some icons to not display
  • Add additional browser support for styling within WP admin