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Subscription Billing by Billflow


IMPORTANT Upgrade Notice

This 2.0.0 version upgrade could introduce some breaking change!
If you are using this plugin’s 1.x.x version already, please test this plugin thoroughly!
Some standard tests you should do:
* Check all you embed pages and test all flows
* Check your webhook integrations and make sure they still work as you had before

Make a full backup of your site before upgrading!


Launch a subscription business faster than ever with the Stripe Billing plugin by Billflow.
This plugin automatically connects your Stripe account to your WordPress site allowing you to show beautiful pricing pages, take payments for Stripe Subscriptions, and let customers manage their accounts. The plugin uses WordPress’s default user authentication to allow your customers to log-in and manage their subscriptions.
* Beautiful Pricing pages that can handle any Stripe pricing model
* Secure sign up forms allowing customers to subscribe to plans
* Handle Free trials & freemium pricing
* Supports Stripe coupons
* Allow customers to manage their subscription. Cancel, upgrade, and downgrade.
* Customers can update their payment information
* Customers can download Stripe invoices
* Subscription management portal can be used with Stripe Checkout
* Automatically create your Stripe customers as WordPress users with Stripe Webhooks

How To Use

  • Install this plugin
  • Create a billing page at
  • Insert a shortcode to embed one of the billflow embeds, pricing, checkout, customer portal etc.
  • Setup Stripe webhooks to sync your Stripe customer and subscription status to your WordPress user and user roles.

Shortcodes Examples

Embed a page.

[billflow billing_page_id="1234567890"]

Embed a page and gate it behind a login.

[billflow billing_page_id="1234567890" logged_in_only="true"]

Embed a page that is only for non-users and send user to another page if logged in.

[billflow billing_page_id="1234567890" logged_out_only="/my-account"]

Embed a page that is only for users with certain role

[billflow billing_page_id="1234567890" logged_in_only="true" gated="basic_tier"]

Or embed a page for users with any of the listed roles

[billflow billing_page_id="1234567890" logged_in_only="true" gated="basic_tier, premium_tier"]

Gate any page to a specific role

Send basic tier users to an upgrade checkout page

[billflow gated="basic_tier" upgrade_url="/upgrade"]

Or send any other user / non-users to a sign up pricing page

[billflow gated="basic_tier, premium_tier" upgrade_url="/pricing"]


  • Pricing Pages
  • Sign up Forms
  • Subscription Management Portal


Log in to your site’s dashboard (e.g.
Click on the «Plugins» tab in the left panel, then click «Add New».
Search for «Billflow» and find the plugin.
Install it by clicking the «Install Now» link.
When installation finishes, click «Activate Plugin».

Continue on with documentation here


Is this supported in my country?

This is supported by every Stripe supported country. Go here to see if Stripe is available in your country.

Do I need to have a Billflow account?

Yes, the plugin is there to connect your wordpress with your Billflow account. You can sign up here.

Can I change the style of these pages?

Yes you can, check out our docs here to learn more about styling these pages here.

Where is the documentation for the plugin?

Join us here, and feel free to message us on our website with any questions.


26 de marzo de 2021
A seamless Stripe Billing integration with incredible customer support. It was so easy to set up, I got my client's membership site up and running in a matter of an hour.
6 de marzo de 2021
We've done a LOT of research when it comes to integrating Stripe with WordPress, and I can state unequivocally that Billflow is the best I've come across for our needs. The plugin itself is icing on the cake. It's backed by Billflow's ease of implementation, robust feature set, and some of the best support I've experienced. One of the key WP features is that you can create users when a Stripe customer is created, or you can use your existing method for authenticating users. Remember, this plugin must be used in conjunction with your Billflow account. (Don't simply download the plugin and suddenly expect to process Stripe payments. :-)) Well-done to the team at Billflow! I hope you guys make a ton of money along the way while helping all of us do the same. 😀 Honored to leave this first review!
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