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Send Chat Tools is a plugin that allows you to send WordPress announcements to chat tools.
Currently, it sends an announcement when a comment is received.
You can instantly check comments that you didn’t notice with the default email notification.


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23 de septiembre de 2021
コメントを通知してくれるのはとても便利でありがたいのですが、記事編集に対応してないのが残念でした。複数人で1つのサイトを編集し、その編集相談用ディスコードに流したかったため、コメントとアプデ通知だけなのが今ひとつ。もちろん現状でも助かっていますが、新規投稿&編集や、タグの編集、メディアアップロードなどにも対応してくれると非常にありがたいです。 ググったら記事については別のところでやり方は見つけたので独自対応しました。でも可能なら1プラグインにまとまっていると保守しやすくて嬉しいです。
4 de julio de 2021 2 replies
主にDiscordに通知送信をするのに使っています。 Discordをよく見るので、コメントやアップデート通知など、見落とすことがなくなりとても重宝しています。 しかし、Discordで送る際にURLが反応してしまい、サイトのOGP Embedが複数表示されてしまいます。 なので、送信メッセージのURL部分を <> で囲って、Embed表示が出ないようにしてほしいです。
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Registro de cambios


Miner update.


  • PHP 8.0 and earlier will no longer be supported after next minor update (1.4.0). The update is now scheduled for April.


  • The admin panel has been replaced with React for a more modern design using WordPress components that are familiar to everyone.
  • The chat tool now saves up to 3 individual logs.
  • The Send Chat Tools widget is now available on the WordPress dashboard.
  • A warning will be displayed when the next update changes the supported PHP version.
  • We will send you the updated content vwhen the plugin is updated.
  • The internal design of PHP has been substantially revised.
  • Most options starting with «sct» have been removed and replaced by the sct_options column.
  • The sct table is no longer available and has been unified with the sct_logs column.
  • The sct_update_notify hook is now publicly available for developers.


  • The encryption of API values has been removed.
  • You will not receive a response if the API value is invalid.
  • You won’t be able to change the WordPress settings from the Send Chat Tools settings screen.


  • The development environment has been largely upgraded for future updates.
  • PHPUnit has been installed to enable a more precise testing environment.
  • We installed PHPStan to build a static analysis environment.
  • The development environment has been built by combining WordPress components and TypeScript.
  • Updated settings for ESLint, Stylelint, and PHP_Codesniffer.
  • Adopted small tools (, git hooks).


Miner update.


  • UI for Slack messages(Adopted Block Kit)


  • The problem that the corresponding WordPress version was not reflected.


Support WordPress5.8.

Addition of functions:


  • Fix to hide OGP in Discord.
  • Removed unnecessary option columns.


Miner update.

Addition of functions:


  • Processing to go through sending process if API is not input.


Major update.

Addition of functions:

  • Add Discord.
  • Add WordPress Core, theme and plugin update notifications.
  • Add API value automatic check.
  • Add Communication log.


  • UI of the admin panel


  • Problem that error mail may be sent even if the message is sent normally.


Fix crypt logic
Fix characters


Add error code 1000.


Added an exception handling when «Use chat tool» is checked but the required value is not entered.


Add WordPress standard settings to admin page


Add send email if could not be sent successfully.


Add database process.
Add Chatwork discryption.


Miner update.

Add Chatwork.
Add Icons, Banners, and Screenshots.
Small fix.


Beta version release.