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scifi Task Manager


scifi Task Manager is simple admin dash only task manager. Purpose of it is to manage and
organize the work of site that is living in it. The plugin add dashboard widget for easy overview,
and full list in Dashboard -> Tasks menu. The tasks itself are not public accessible it is
member (roles can be configured by settings) only information.


  • Admin dashboard widget
  • Add new task
  • Tasks overview


  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘scifi Task Manager’
  3. Activate scifi Task Manager from your Plugins page.
  4. Go to Dashboard -> Tasks, and add new task
  5. You can configure Dashboard widget by your needs.
  6. Settings -> scifi Task Manager and edit settings like a roles, tags support and menu position


Why I see tasks but the fields are not editable

If you notice such behaviour, this is because the task is not for you, this means that you are not owner or not assegnee for the task.

The plugin doesn’t work

The plugin depends of PHP 5.4, so please check your PHP version first.

How can I revert colors and labels

If you override the labels or colors on statuses or priorities and want to revert default values back, you can just clear the value and leave it empty, then save the settings.

How can I add own priorities

The plugin itself doesn’t provide option to setup your own priorities via the admin panel.
I think I do most common cases, but if you really need to add/remove priorities you can do it via filter hook ‘scifi-task-manager-priorities’

Simple example
add_filter(‘scifi-task-manager-priorities’, function($priorities) {

  // Add custom priority.
  $priorities[99] = array(

    // Label of the priority
    'label' => 'Very very critical',

    // Color code
    'color' => '#ff0000',

  // Remove status.

  return $priorities;
How can I add own statuses

The plugin itself doesn’t provide option to setup your own priorities via the admin panel. But like the priorities, there are
hook about it ‘scifi-task-manager-statuses’

Simple example
add_filter(‘scifi-task-manager-statuses’, function($statuses) {

  // Add custom status.
  $statuses['myplugin-special-status1'] = array(

    // Label of the status
    'label' => 'My status 1',

    // Status progress (0-100)
    'progress' => 30,

    // Color code
    'color' => '#ff0000',

  // Remove status.

  return $statuses;

Please be carefull with statuses because some of the task could became invisible if you remove status that contain tasks.

What are the future plans about the plugin

I have a little task list that I will add in next releases.

  • FE task creation
  • Full preview lock
  • More translations
  • Custom capabilities


3 de septiembre de 2016
I’m searching a lot for a plugins like this. This is the best I could find. Surely, some features are missing yet. And so I hope, the development will be continued.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Tweak trash status behavior
  • Fixed missing restore and delete links


  • Fixed PHP warnings


  • Added status and priorities labels and colors editing in admin panel
  • Added status remembering when open tasklist
  • Fixed assets include


  • Fixed bug with required email in settings reported by
  • Fixed l10n domain for menu items
  • Updated Bulgarian language


  • Added new column for admin widget «Description»
  • Fixed bug «scrollable assignee checkbox»


  • Added mail sender from configuration (note that wp_mail_from and wp_mail_from_name can override plugin’s configuration)
  • Disabled post editing when user have no access to task
  • Added deadline in task change mail template
  • Fixed bug with missing is_ajax() reported by
  • Fixed mail sending to only reporter reported by
  • Fixed bug in dashboard when tags support is disabled
  • UI Fixes


  • Added mail notify support
  • Changed status and progress colors, colors are now values
  • Changes in UI
  • Fixed bug appending «-2» to task names
  • Fixed bug with removing quick actions from all post types
  • Fixed bug preventing all users in roles to be shown as assignees or reporter


  • Open View instead of Edit for owner users
  • Fixed user’s widget, showing all tasks when no are assigned to user


  • Fix menu selection
  • Added status counts in task list
  • Small tweaks


  • Fixed permission issue reported by
  • Fixed some visual editor glitches on 4.0
  • Added configuration page
  • Added option to select user roles that have access to task manager
  • Added option to enable/disable tags support
  • Added option to change place in admin panel that menu is appeared


  • First public release


  • Initial bump