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Salon Booking


Salon Booking enables the reservation to one-on-one business
between a client and a staff member,
namely those businesses like hair salon, hospital, dental clinic and so on..

Salon Booking requires neither member registration to make reservations
from on the Web sites, nor loses prospective clients
who hesitate to register personal information.

To prevent the wrongful registration and reservation,
the reservation procedure is devised for the clients
with no registration at all as follows;
«tentative reservation»,
«response to the e-mail address who tentatively reserved»,
and «confirmation by the client on the confirmation screen on the Web sites».

And if a client agrees to register,
the reservation is done at once and
the change of the reservation is also becoming easier,
which might be an additional incentive for the clients to register.

The interface for the reservation is easy and like that of Google Calendar.
The change of the reservation is possible by means of drag and drop,
which enables also the staff member phoned by a client for the change
of the request can easily change the schedule accordingly.

Salon Booking is also capable of the personnel management of the staff member
on the shift control and time recording.
Of course the possible time ranges of reservation
and the attendance of the staff member co-relates automatically.

Salon Booking can also record the actual performance against the reservation
and capable of compiling the information on the demands from the clients
and working results.
So, it is very useful in improving the service quality and the operation management of staff.


  • Reservation Screen(PC)
  • Reservation Screen(Mobile)
  • Environment Setting
  • Setting of Staff
  • Time Card


New installation

  1. Upload «salon-booking» to the «/wp-content/plugins/» directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Upgrade the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress

  1. Click «update now» of the plugin.
  2. Deactivate the plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin.


18 de febrero de 2020
予約系プラグインをいろいろ試したところ、日本語で問題なく使え、細かい機能も満足できるものが、こちらのSalon Bookingでした。PCとスマホで予約手順が異なるところなど、若干の改善希望はありますが、日本語のWebで予約機能を試してみたいという場合に、即戦力となってくれるプラグインと思いました。 作者の方に心より感謝です。 Comfortable and powerful booking plug-in especially for Japanese site. Japanese customers can book easily by its good UI and Japanese.
24 de enero de 2017
Still have room to fix UX/UI, but it’s very usefull and light reservation system. I’ve used couple of system as trial, but this plugin has a good balance of speed and usability. 🙂 It works well with YoastSEO, qTranslate-X, BOGO
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  • Changed the link to the site


  • Fixed bug


  • Update setting radio/checkbox
  • Changed logic about temporary
  • Fixed bug


  • Fixed bug


  • Fixed bug


  • Fixed misspelling
  • Fixed bug


  • Fixed show warning message by «count» function(PHP7.2.X)


  • Fixed display staff members


  • Fixed check logic for max day
  • Added logic for display many customer datas
  • Changed logic for get staff datas
  • Added logic for different collation
  • Fixed bug


  • Added update collation about plugin’s table
  • Changed style pc


  • Fixed display max date in mobile screen
  • Changed style special holiday in mobile screen
  • Added filter [salon_add_check_for_booking]


  • Fixed unexepected slash


  • Added change first day of week
  • Fixed show the holiday of staff member


  • Added style of staff color


  • Fixed show of next year’s «special holiday»


  • Changed display «special holiday»
  • Fixed bug


  • Fixed about drag/drop in front page
  • Fixed the logic of duplicated reservation
  • Added drag detail screen in front page


  • Added front pages can changed back color.
  • Changed CONACAT(sql) for mysql version 5.0
  • Added filter [salon_change_TimeStep_Select]


  • Changed datepicker «dayNamesShort»
  • Added filter [salon_change_Minute_Select]


  • Added check «open time» and «close time».


  • Changed mail text area is expanded.
  • Changed select menu first, select box is showed staff member who can operete the menu.
  • Fixed Add staff member


  • Changed wordpress role can not update in «Position».


  • Fixed Shops holiday setting


  • Changed Staff can not opereate other shops except admin.(«Menu» and «Staff»)


  • Fixed Staff can not opereate other shops except admin in front.


  • Changed Staff can not opereate other shops except admin. «Menu» and «Staff» will release next version.


  • Fixed radio menu check


  • Fixed escaped charctor in any screens.
  • Added menu field can use radio button.


  • Fixed check input end time


  • Added embedded text({X-TO_MAIL},{X-TO_TEL}) in «Notification mail to staff»
  • Added filter [salon_replace_mail_to_info]
  • Changed all field id in reservation screen
  • Fixed check logged in customer
  • Fixed exception error message
  • Fixed cancel reservation in mobile screen
  • Fixed other bug


  • Fixed check blur
  • Fixed change defaul shops in shortcode


  • Added default setting about login customer
  • Changed color of disbled menu


  • Added options about setting(«on business»)
  • Added check of the donwload
  • Fixed change style for «Twenty Seventeen»
  • Fixed setting tag in «Reservation Screen»


  • Added filter [salon_booking_set_init_display_for_mobile]


  • Chenge font-family of this plugin
  • Added filter [salon_booking_only_pc_remark]


  • Added option to hide «today»‘s button
  • Chenge nemeless function to not nameles function.
  • Added short code
  • Fixed «LIGHTBOX» do not show