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S9S Personality Quiz


Increase your social media traffic with personality quizzes! («Which ____ are you? Take this quiz and find out!» You know the drill.) They’ve been wildly popular for nearly a decade now and show no signs of going away any time soon.

Because this quiz plugin is an editor block, adding a quiz to your post is as easy as adding another paragraph! You can even have multiple quizzes per post. Pretty slick, huh?

Cool features:
* Easy editor block interface
* Unlimited questions, answers, and results
* Multiple quizzes per page (and post!)
* Minimal styling – blends in with your theme
* More to come in future releases!


  • Click the «Personality Quiz» block type in the block menu
  • Create the intro for your quiz on the Intro tab
  • Add some questions and answers
  • Add some results (don’t forget to associate your answers!)
  • Click publish and… Voila! You now have an interactive quiz your guests can take, share, and take again!


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  • Personality Quiz


Where is the plugin?

This plugin is called «Personality Quiz» in the add block menu in any post. Check the screenshots below!


19 de julio de 2024
Not sure if this plugin is still maintained but it works well with wordpress 6.6 and seems to adapt to any theme and is so easy and intuitive to use. It is so simple, straight forward and still good looking and doesn’t look sterile like an exam like some other quiz plugins. Thank you for making it.


6 de abril de 2021
Is this plugin still in progress?
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