Responsive Tabs For Elementor


The compact Responsive Tabs For Elementor lets you show information in several levels of tabs. Now you can easily show text using several types of tabs at the same time for better categorizing your information. But without overloading the site with long texts.
The plugin has many features and settings to customize the reviews to suit your needs.


Create tabbed blocks that can hold much more information than regular tabs.
The block with tabs can be divided into two levels: the main tabs, which, in addition to the main information, can contain secondary tabs with text.

Manage tab options:
– general styles such as background type, tab size, tab spacing, tab color, border width, border color.
– text style settings such as title color, title typography, content edit color, content typography.
– advanced tab settings with the ability to change the layout, motion effects, transformation, background, frame, mask, attributes, custom CSS.


An easy-to-use interface with multiple settings and unique main widgets will make your next WordPress page and post design easier than ever before. Responsive Tabs For Elementor takes your WordPress website to the next level by making your page more engaging.


We have an extraordinary support team ready to help you. You can ask your questions in the support forum


  • Front-end design of Parallax Tabs
  • Front-end design of FAQ Accordion
  • Front-end design of Accordion With Counter
  • Front-end design of Testimonials Tabs
  • Front-end design of Vertical Tabs
  • Front-end design with opened tabs
  • Front-end design of WordPress tabs with text and images
  • Front-end design of WordPress with text tabs
  • Front-end design of WordPress with accordion tabs
  • Style settings for Tabs Plugin for Elementor
  • Content settings of Tabs Plugin
  • Content additional settings of Tabs Plugin for Elementor
  • Advanced settings of Tabs Plugin for Elementor
  • Responsive view for elementor settings of Tabs Plugin


Note : This plugin works with Elementor. Make sure you have Elementor installed.

  1. Download «Responsive Tabs For Elementor» plugin
  2. Simply go to the Plugins page, then click on Add new and select the plugin’s .zip file which is «».
  3. Alternatively you can extract the contents of the zip file directly to your wp-content/plugins/ folder
  4. Finally, activate the plugin.
  5. You can find widgets in «Responsive Tabs» widget list panel.


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Registro de cambios

9.3.0 – 2024-06-11

  • New: Added Right-To-Left logic for widgets.

9.2.0 – 2024-06-07

  • New: Added controls for the «Parallax Tab» widget.

9.1.1 – 2024-05-28

  • Fix: Fixing the display of the admin panel with rtl.

9.1.0 – 2024-05-17

  • Fix: Fixed security issues, add escaping functions,
  • Fix: Fixed faq accordion
  • Fix: Fixed id on swiperTabs error

9.0.0 – 2024-04-19

  • New: Added «Parallax Tab».

8.0.0 – 2024-04-15

  • New: Added «FAQ Accordion».

7.1.0 – 2024-03-15

  • New: Added Template for Accordion With Counter Widget.
  • New: Added new fields for the Accordion With Counter Widget
  • New: Added new fields for the Accordion Template With Counter Widget.
  • Fix: Fixed the logic for «Responsive Tabs With Icons».

7.0.0 – 2024-03-01

  • New: Added Accordion With Counter Widget.

6.0.0 – 2023-07-14

  • New: Added Responsive Vertical Tabs Widget.
  • New: Added Responsive Testimonials Tabs Widget.

5.0.1 – 2023-06-01

  • Tweak: Added the smoothing scrolling when active accordion.
  • Fix: Fixed display of default elements for tabs when adding a tab to a page.
  • Fix: Fixed work of the tabs on the tablet and phone.

5.0.0 – 2022-09-14

  • New: Added Responsive Simple Tabs With Icons Widget.

4.0.0 – 2022-09-06

  • New: Added Responsive Accordion Widget.

3.0.0 – 2022-09-01

  • New: Added Responsive Tabs With Big Image Widget.

2.0.0 – 2022-08-29

  • New: Added Responsive Tabs With Small Images Widget.


  • Initial Release