Read more with Bouncy


** Read more with Bouncy – Features: **

  • Fully customizable by using additional css
  • You can name the buttons as you wish
  • Unlimited read more buttons

How to use:

(just delete ‘ and Paragraph & Shortcode are just mentioned to notify you which block is used)
Screenshots below this sections will show plugin usage in live.

Use case 1 – no line breaks

‘[readmorec readmorecontent=»hidden1″]’Hidden section. In order to make line break, please do use html as shown below'[/readmorec]’

‘[readmoreb readmore=»hidden1″]’

Use case 2 – line breaks (Reminder, br-tags are written inside <>)

‘[readmorec readmorecontent=»hidden2″]’Hidden section. In order to make line breaks, use html mode and br-tags as follows br one line break(br-tag between words follows and one) br_br
(Two br-tags between words one and gap) gap between and button to bottom of the text (next and the last br-tag sets the read more button at the bottom of the text) br ‘[/readmorec]’

‘[readmoreb readmore=»hidden2″]’

Use case 3 – translated button text

‘[readmorec readmorecontent=»hidden3″]’Hidden section

‘[readmoreb readmore=»hidden3″ label=»write here what you want to show in readmore button» translatedlabel=»and here same for the less button»]’


  • Instructions


Can I change button style?

Yes, you can modify the button as you like with css. For example to change font size, insert following to the additional css (delete ‘):

font-size: 50px

Can I translate the button?

Yes, just write what you like in the shortcode section that’s reserved for the button naming, example (delete ‘):

‘[readmoreb readmore=»uniqueid» label=»write here what you want to show in read more button» translatedlabel=»and here same for the less button»]’


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