Radio Player – Live Shoutcast, Icecast and Audio Stream Player for WordPress


A simple, easy to use, user-friendly and fully customizable web radio player for WordPress.

You can play any live mp3, iceCast and Shoutcast stream in your WordPress website using shortcode, gutenberg block, elementor widget, sidebar widget, full-width sticky and popup player.

Radio Player can play HTTP streams on an HTTPS website.



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  • HTTP Stream Player – You can play a HTTP radio stream in a HTTPS website.
  • Full-width Sticky Player – Full-width sticky player is available to play a radio station in all page.
  • Multiple Radio Stations – You can add multiple radio stations with title, stream url and thumbnail. Users can play the stations by using the next/ previous buttons.
  • Specific Pages Sticky Player – You can display the sticky-player in the specific pages where you want.
  • Multiple Player Skins – Multiple player skins available.
  • Stations Playlist – Users can choose and play any station from the radio stations playlist of the player.
  • Play Statistics – You can view the statistics how many user how many times the radio player.
  • MP3 + AAC + M3U8 Compatibility – You can play the live .m3u8 streams using the radio player.
  • Popup Player – Popup radio player is available to play the radio in a new popup window for a better listening experience for the user.
  • Player Duplicator – You can duplicate any radio player with all the configurations.
  • Live Player Editing Preview – Realtime player preview in the player editing screen
  • Customize Popup Player Size – You customize the popup player width & height.
  • Multiple Instance – You can use multiple radio player in a single page.
  • Station Metadata -Radio player can grap and play the current playing station metadata title.
  • Add Unlimited Players – You can add unlimited radio players as you want.
  • Color Customizations – Color customizations available for customizing the radio player.
  • Shortcode Player – Display and play the radio player anywhere using the [radio_player] shortcode.
  • Mobile Media Notification – While playing a radio station, users can see currently playing station information and can play/ pause the radio player from the mobile notification bar.
  • Gutenberg Block – Display and play the radio player in any page/ post using the radio player gutenberg block.
  • Elementor Widget – Display and play the radio player in any page/ post using the radio player elementor widget.

Basic Usage

  • After you have successfully activated the plugin, Radio Player menu will appear in your WordPress dashboard sidebar menu.
  • Add new radio players from the Radio Player > Add New Player page.
  • Use the [radio_player id=»player_id»] shortcode, gutenberg radio player block or elementor radio player widget on any page/ post to display the radio player.
  • To display the full-width sticky player check the Use as sticky player checkbox while you add/ edit a radio player.
  • You can also display the popup button to enable the popup player.
  • From the Radio Player > Statistics page you can get overview of how many listeners are listening the radio players in each day and get the list of the top played radio players.


After installing and activating the plugin successfully, The next step is to add new players.
You can add unlimited new players very easily.

For adding a new players you have to navigate to the Add New Player submenu under the Radio Player main menu.

You would find the below options in the add new radio player page:

  • Radio Stations – You can add multiple radio stations with title, stream url and thumbnail. Users can play the stations by using the next/ previous buttons.
  • Popup Icon – The popup player opener icon. You can show/ hide the popup player icon in the player.
  • Playlist Icon – You can show/ hide the playlist icon in the player.
  • Autoplay – You can control the autoplay settings of the radio player.
  • Volume Control – The volume control button. You can show/hide the volume control button.
  • Player Status – The live/ offline indicator status for the player. You can show/hide the player status in the player.
  • Player Width – The radio player width. You can customize the with of the radio player.
  • Border Radius – The player rounded border-radius. You can customize this option too.
  • Primary Color – The player primary color.
  • Background Color – The player background color.
  • Text Color – The player text color.
  • Button Color – The player button color.
  • Use as Sticky Player – If this option is ON the player will be displayed as a full-width sticky player at the footer of every page.
  • Preview – You can preview the radio player while you are adding it.


The Plugin provides a [radio_player] shortcode for displaying the radio player anywhere as you want.

Example: [radio_player id="player_id"]
Replace the player_id with the ID of the player that you want display.


Radio Player has no dependency on any other plugin or theme. You can use the Radio Player plugin with any theme.


Notes for IOS/Android (restrictions imposed by Apple/Google):

  1. The autoplay will not work because IOS/Android disables autoplay feature, and it can’t be controlled from JS
  2. Volume controllers will not work on IOS/Android. You’ll have to adjust the volume with physical buttons of the mobile device.
  3. ShoutCast version below 2.0 doesn’t function on iOS 11. Please update ShoutCast server to at least v2.0
  4. Icecast 2.4 kh4/kh5 do not function on iOS 11. Older versions (2.3.3 KH11) and standard Icecast 2.4.1 do function correctly. Please update IceCast server to the latest version.

Note for Safari, Chrome & Firefox (restrictions imposed by Apple & Google):

  1. Starting with Safari 11, Chrome 66 and Firefox 66 the autoplay will not work because Apple & Google disabled autoplay feature, and it can’t be controlled from JS.
  2. Chrome no longer accepts mixed requests. Please check this link: In case you have a HTTPS website you’ll need to use an HTTPS radio link.


If you like this Radio Player plugin, then consider checking out our other project if you want to make a worldwide radio station directory website:


  • Add New Radio Player Screen
  • Player Skin 1
  • Player Skin 2
  • Player Skin 3
  • Player Skin 4
  • Player Skin 5
  • Player Skin 6
  • Full-width sticky Player
  • Radio Player Settings Page
  • Elementor Radio Player Widget
  • Gutenberg Radio Player Block
  • Sidebar Widget Radio Player


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • Radio Player Live Shoutcast, Icecast and Audio Stream Player for WordPress.


How Can I add Multiple Radio Stations?

You can add multiple radio stations for a single player in the PRO version. Users can play them by using the next/ previous buttons.

When I clicked play, there is no sound?

Most of the radio station stream links are HTTP (Unsecured) that can’t be played on HTTPS (Secured) website because of browser mixed-content restrictions.
Modern browsers no longer accepts mixed requests.
Please check this link:

To play the HTTP streams in an HTTPS website, you need to upgrade to PRO.

How can I use the footer full-width sticky player?

To set the radio player fixed to the footer as a full-width sticky player, you need to check the use as sticky player checkbox in player editing screen.


4 de septiembre de 2022
Overall, the plugin does well, the basics. It plays music streams. The BIGGEST and probably 2nd most important thing anyone would need from such a plugin is to pull through the artist and track info for the currently playing song - this plugin DOES NOT DO THAT! Everything else is customisable but for a radio plugin, I'd expect it to do the most important 2 core functions: play a music stream and show track info. That said, I've not found ANY plugin that does that. Seems rather redundant to call it a 'radio plugin' when even other online radio/music streaming services manage to do both core functions
16 de agosto de 2022
This plugin works as advertised! Most importantly the support team was very responsive to my emails and helped me figure out why my stream URL didn't worked and provided a solution.
4 de agosto de 2022
At Wordpress' description there is no clarify for the free version. Ex it says: - "Multiple Radio Stations – You can add multiple radio stations with title, stream url and thumbnail. Users can play the stations by using the next/ previous buttons." * No, this is not working in free version - "Specific Pages Sticky Player – You can display the sticky-player in the specific pages where you want." * No, this is not working in free version ...and the list goes on. What a waste of time
20 de julio de 2022
We spent several days reviewing the available Wordpress radio players for streaming and this was by far the best one available that could work on every Wordpress theme. Highly recommended!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Radio Player – Live Shoutcast, Icecast and Audio Stream Player for WordPress» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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  • Fix: Fixed conflict with WooCommerce plugin.


  • New: Add sticky player page bottom spacing.
  • Fix: Fixed multiple players on the sticky player.
  • Fix: Fixed HTTP stream URL player.
  • Fix: Fixed admin chart widget css style.


  • New: Added player statistics email reporting.
  • New: Added new open popup player skin.
  • Update: Improved player volume slider.
  • Update: Improved the settings page layout and styles.
  • Update: Improved player edit page layout and styles.
  • Update: Improved the statistics page.
  • Update: Improved the getting-started page.
  • Update: Improved responsive design.
  • Fix: Fixed full-width player playlist.


  • New: Added proxy metadata settings to fix the metadata title not showing issue.
  • New: Added mobile media notification.


New: Added gradient picker for the player gradient background color.
Fix: Fixed freemius SDK security vulnerability.


  • New: Add statistics setting to enable/ disable statistics
  • New: Add opened playlist by default setting
  • Remove: Removed autoplay setting
  • Enhancement: Add popup icon support to skin8


  • New: Add play count column to the player list table
  • Fix: Fixed WordPress compatibility check
  • Fix: Fixed current track title display
  • Fix: Fixed HTTP stream player
  • Remove: Removed track artist supports


  • New: Add 2 new player skins
  • New: Add track artist display
  • New: Player background image support
  • Fix: Fixed .m3u8 stream player
  • Fix: Fixed admin dashboard responsive design


  • Fix: Fixed .m3u8 stream player
  • New: Added sticky player display page selection
  • New: Radio player statistics dashboard widget and page


  • New: Add station playlist
  • Fix: Fixed showing current station metadata title
  • Fix: Fixed HTTP stream player


  • New: Added radio player duplicator
  • New: Added multiple radio stations supports for the player
  • New: Added next/ previous buttons on the radio player
  • Fix: Fixed WordPress core screen options and help not working issue
  • Fix: Fixed rado player sync issue


  • New: Added HTTP stream player
  • New: Added settings page
  • New: Added default player volume settings
  • New: Added popup player size settings
  • New: Added real-time player preview while editing
  • New: Added multiple player skins
  • Improvement: Updated the radio player to react js for better user experience
  • Improvement: Improved the whole plugin UI design

1.0.0 (24 June,2021)

  • Initial release