Preload Images


Preload images to get faster page loading experience. Preload Images plugin supports unlimited image urls, good for photo galleries and other image-heavy sites where you want to deliver the photos as seamlessly as possible.


  • image urls to be preloaded
  • images set in the plugin are loaded in background


  1. Navigate to the «Add New» in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for «Preload Images»
  3. Click «Install Now»
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard


Document & FAQs refer to Preload Images Document


9 de enero de 2022
Sadly, the plugin does not work to preload a site's background image when that image is specified in common image urls. Plus, when there is no image specified in the common image urls, the site loads as a blank page with what I can only describe as a spinning waiting icon. Once the spin is done the site does load smoothly with the background image. But, who wants clients seeing a site that loads with a spinning icon for 3 seconds? Hopefully they'll update so that the background image can be specified in the common image urls, because it does seem an easy to use plugin.
12 de diciembre de 2021
I found myself needing to pre-load some images and started to figure out how to do it by hand when I thought "If you have a need in WordPress, there's probably a plugin for it." So I went hunting and found this plugin. Gutenberg made it a little hard to see the meta box on Pages at first, but I found it. I REALLY like that you can preload per page/post, or have them global. Nicely done.
17 de julio de 2021
I am very thankful for this plugin, and of course the person/s who created it. My client wanted an image carousel as the homepage header, which resulted in short loading delays the first run through. Since using this plugin -- no delays! Pretty cool stuff.
9 de junio de 2021
I use the Divi theme and I've had the plagued of not being able to preload images on a single page. You can always preload in functions but that's for the whole site and this plugin gives you the ability to do it for single pages and not others. so You can preload multiple images without loading on other pages. Love this! Great work!
16 de noviembre de 2020
Using the plugin to preload images above the fold that I have lazyload excluded. Brilliant plugin! Thanks you!
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  • Now you can manage pages and posttypes wise images for single page.
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