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Plot My Posts and Tweets


  • Perfect for road trips, holidays, gap years, cycle tours or tracking any kind of tour.

  • Add the shortcode [plotmypostsandtweets] to a page to embed the Google Map on that page.

  • Turn on geo-tagging in your Twitter account to automatically place your tweets.
    ( How to turn on geoocation: see )

  • Alternatively, finish your tweets with «at town, state» e.g. «Just had soup for lunch at Santa Cruz, CA». Or enter the location in square brackets e.g. «Just had soup for lunch [Santa Cruz, CA]»

  • Add a custom field called ‘Location’ to the posts you would like to appear on the map, and enter the town or city you are posting from.
    (If custom fields aren’t visible in your Edit Post form, add it from the ‘Screen Options’ dropdown at the top of the page)

  • You can amend the locations of any tweets and posts from the Posts/Tweets Map page in the ‘Posts’ menu.

  • You can set up the display options for the map in the Posts/Tweets page in the ‘Settings’ Menu.

  • See an example of the plugin in action at


  • Plot My Posts and Tweets Map
  • Plot My Posts and Tweets Admin Area


  1. Upload the ‘plotmypostsandtweets’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Create a page and add the shortcode [plotmypostsandtweets] anywhere on the page.
  4. Enter your Twitter username on the settings page
  5. Add the custom field ‘location’ when you add posts


I don’t want to turn on geolocation in my Twitter account, how else can I locate my tweets?

You can include the location in the tweets you would like to appear on the map by including the location in square brackets e.g. «Just had soup for lunch [Santa Cruz, CA]» or finish your tweets with «at town, state» e.g. «Just had soup for lunch at Santa Cruz, CA».

How do I include a post on the map?

Create a custom field in your post form called «location» and enter the location e.g. «London, England»

Some of my posts and tweets are appearing in the wrong locations

You can manually adjust the positions of the posts and tweets in the «Posts/Tweets Map» menu under «Posts» in the admin area.

How do I get more than 10 tweets to appear on the map?

In the «Posts/Tweets Map» settings menu there is an option to «Only show this many recent tweets». This is set to 10 initially, once you have registered you can amend this or leave it blank to show all.

Some of the photos attached to my tweets aren’t appearing

Depending on which service you used to post the photo, you may not be able to see a thumbnail of it on the map. Supported services are Twitter (official mobile app), yfrog, instagram


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