Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

PB Unblock some IPs


PB Unblock some IPs lets you block the access to your website when developing (like on a staging environment) – but unblock some IPs for viewing. No more hassle with .htaccess files and passwords!


  • Toggle blocking on / off from settings page or admin top bar
  • Blocks all IP addresses by default but will allow certain IPs to view the website on the frontend
  • A 404 frontend page will appear to blocked IPs (with no-index, no-follow code and PHP 404 header) so bots won’t index
  • Blocked users can click a link which sends an ‘unblock request’ to a chosen e-mail address
  • Add line separated IP addresses in the settings for who should be able to view the website
  • WP-Admin can be fully accessed in any time (even with custom or secure admin URL)


  • View of the plugin admin settings
  • What a blocked visitor will see on the front-end (no e-mail link)
  • What a blocked visitor will see on the front-end (with e-mail link)
  • The e-mail you will get after an ‘Unblock Request’ is send


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the zip within WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure the settings (left sidebar) – ‘Settings > PB Unblock some IPs’ or from Admin Top Bar.


Will the plugin change code on my website

No, the plugin is non-destructive and will only work when activated.

Can I still login after activating

Yes, all URLS except the «WP-Admin» are being blocked. When you use a custom url (like «Hide Login plugin») make sure you enter the slug on the Settings section of the plugin.

Why is the admin settings colored so super funky?

Because I like colours and it’s possible 🙂


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Registro de cambios

0.7.6 [2022.03.29]

  • Updated to WordPress 5.9.2
  • Updated: Updated version number

0.7.5 [2021.08.17]

  • Updated to WordPress 5.8
  • Updated: Updated version number

0.7.4 [2020.03.29]

  • Added: Video tutorial on plugin directory page
  • Updated: Minor text changes
  • Updated: Updated version number
  • Celebrating: Plugin available for over 1 year!

0.7.3 [2020.01.13]

  • Added: Blocked users can send an ‘Unblock Request’ by clicking a link if an e-mail is filled in the settings
  • Optimized: Minor typos
  • Optimized: Cleaned up code
  • Optimized: New Facebook URL
  • Optimized: Updated version number

0.7.2 [2019.10.16]

  • Fixed: Resolved a minor PHP undeclared variable error when ‘error reporting’ is on
  • Optimized: Updated version number

0.7.1 [2019.10.15]

  • Added: Status in Admin Top Bar (Green when active & Red when inactive)
  • Optimized: Larger textarea for IPs, with line separation (instead of commas)
  • Optimized: Cleaned up code
  • Optimized: Rewrote some texts and updated version number
  • Removed screenshots from plugin folder
  • Removed ‘css-map’ files

0.7.0 [2019.05.15]

  • Added: Field for a Custom (secure) Admin URL if using
  • Optimized: Styling & design in the admin section

0.6.1 [2019.05.14]

  • Fixed: Minor variable issue
  • Optimized: Styling & design in the admin section

0.6.0 [2019.05.08]

  • Optimized: Styling & design in the admin section
  • Optimized: Cleaned up code

0.5.0 [2019.03.23]

  • Initial Release