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Module Extender For Divi


The Module Extender For Divi works with the Divi Page Builder by Elegant Themes. Simply add module zip files to the child theme’s modules folder. Then the additional modules will be available in the Divi Page Builder “Add Module” list.

First Modules Available
we have just released our first bunch of modules at optimusDivi
we will be adding a lot more over the next few months hopefully they can help speed up your development.

This platform makes extending Divi Page Builder easy.


Step 1:
Download the zip file here

Step 2:
Install from your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload zip

Step 3
Start adding modules in to your child theme file structure. Instructions are available on the website.

You can download modules from that are compatible with this plugin. They will add modules in the «Insert Module» menu in the Divi Page Builder.

You can also create you own modules using code, so long as you follow the correct structure for this plugin. To learn how to create modules, follow this blog series:


27 de marzo de 2017 1 reply
This plugin is necessary to use the modules offered by the developers in their shop. The price level is very friendly. You get more what you pay for! My experience with free and payed plugins is that many of them don't do what expected or they are buggy. The offered Divi modules are easy to use and are doing exactly what is promised. I am totally happy with it!
8 de noviembre de 2016 1 reply
The idea is great! Also works perfectly in Divi 2.x (there's a free module available and some other cool modules for payment) Unfortunately Divi 3 does not support custom modules in the new frontend editor yet... FYI: I created a quick guide how everyone can upgrade their Divi 3 theme to make custom modules work in the front end editor: (Also submitted this to elegantthemes, and hopefully this will make it into a future release of the theme)
3 de septiembre de 2016
My agency went to a whole new level once we started to use custom modules for Divi. And this plugin allows us to use some pre-built modules, and to build our own and upload them to any site. I feel like it gives wings to the Divi Page Builder plugin, and it's at the point now where I am making a custom module for virtually every new web design project.
3 de septiembre de 2016 2 replies
The authors have repeatedly ignored my requests to provide a sample module so we can create our own. They seem to be using the repository as a means to direct people to their own site where they sell them modules.
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  • made modules dir case-insensitive


  • restructured backtrace as it was causing errors on some servers


  • Hopefully fixed some windows server directory separator issues


  • Added settings page
  • Added Dev Mode (allows you to turn of local storage while developing modules)


  • Updated to run using new divi hook