MIPL Stockist/Store Locator


Create a quick Stockist/Store Locator with Google map, Autocomplete search location & Distance & Category filter,
also with multiple/custom layout and multiple/custom map style.

Shortcode: [mipl_stockist_store_locator]


  • Stockist/Store Locator with Current Location, Distance & Categories Filter.
  • Add multiple Stores with (Address, Contact Details, Opening Hours, Store Image, Categories, Social Media Link).
  • Manage Distance Unit & Distances.
  • Multiple & Custom Stockist Layout.
  • Multiple & Custom Google Map Style.
  • Multiple & Custom Google Map Pin Markers.
  • Custom Labels/Text.


  • Add Store Details
  • Store Categories
  • Stockist Settings > General
  • Stockist Settings > Layout
  • Stockist Settings > Labels
  • Stockist Settings > Google Map
  • Stockist Layout with Map
  • Stockist Layout with Map


  1. Upload plugins folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Create Stores in Stockist > Stores section.
  4. Update the settings for layout and style.
  5. Setup the Google Map API Key.
  6. Add shortcode to page [mipl_stockist_store_locator]


How to add Stockist/Store Locator in page

Just add the [mipl_stockist_store_locator] shortcode in the page.

How to get Google Map API key?

Please follow the step by step guide Click here

How to get Google Map Custom Style?

Please check the following sites,


9 de febrero de 2023
Very useful and stable plugin, easy to add the map and stores,It will great we can import the stores from csv.
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  • Fixed Layout Issue.
  • Opening hours validation.
  • Fixed Google map issue.


  • Compatible with PHP v8.2
  • Small fixes


  • Updated tabs settings.
  • Solved distance issue.
  • Updated store single view
  • Small fixes.


  • Security fixes


  • Add and apply input validation
  • Added import/export setting


  • Updated as per wp guide
  • Small fixes


  • Stockist/Store Locator with Google Map.
  • Upgrade for latest WordPress Version