Managed posts rating ★ Like button


The plugin adds a rating system to your WordPress site.

  • Lightweight
  • Add rating functionality to your website automatically or use shortcodes
  • Page with detailed information about each rating such as time, IP (optionally), username, title etc.
  • Easily change ratings in the admin panel
  • Supports structured data for rich snippets
  • Custom templates for complete customization


  • The easiest way to add a rating to page – use the «Before Content» and «After Content» display settings.
  • You can also add a rating using the shortcode [mpr-button]
  • If you want to embed other post ratings use [mpr-button id="1" disabled="false" ], where 1 is the ID of the post/page ratings that you want to display.
  • You can show post rating via function mpr_button(['id' => 1, 'disabled' => false, 'return' => false ])

Additional Info


mpr_edit_meta_box_screens – list of screens on which the metabox of manual rating addition will be displayed.

apply_filters(‘mpr_edit_meta_box_screens’, $screens);

mpr_log_table_headings – list of headings for log table

apply_filters(‘mpr_log_table_headings’, []);

mpr_log_table_row – filter data to display in log table

apply_filters(‘mpr_log_table_row’, $result );

mpr_column_screens_display – post types list on which the rating column will be displayed.

apply_filters(‘mpr_column_screens_display’, $screens);

mpr_is_user_can_vote – if you need change current user caps to voting

apply_filters(‘mpr_is_user_can_vote’, $is_vote_allowed);

mpr_is_user_can_vote_unsupported – if you need change current user caps to voting for unsupported post types when voting button is displayed active

apply_filters(‘mpr_is_user_can_vote_unsupported’, $is_vote_allowed);

the_mpr_button_shortcode_hidden – filter to change displayed content for hidden voting button

apply_filters(‘the_mpr_button_shortcode_hidden’, »);

mpr_allowed_settings_cell_tags – allowed tags to display in the logs table cell.

$allowed_cell_tags = apply_filters(‘mpr_allowed_settings_cell_tags’, $allowed_cell_tags);


mpr_after_post_voted – is fired after a new voting record is added to the log

do_action( ‘mpr_after_post_voted’, $post_id, $rating_value, $parent_id, $log_row_id );


  • MPR Plugin Settings page in default state
  • New Rating column for posts list table in the admin pannel
  • Shortcode to show rating star manually and panel to add rating for the post by hands
  • Voting log page for all posts
  • Voting log filtered by page


  1. Upload the entire mpr-likebtn folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the «MPRating»->»Settings» item on the admin menu
  4. Check the plugin settings and save them.

That’s it. You’re done!


How to customize rating template?

Create an mpr folder in your theme and copy the partials/front folder into it.


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Registro de cambios


  • Added display settings for voting button on unsupported post types
  • Added mpr_is_user_can_vote_unsupported filter to change if user can vote for post with unsupported post type.
  • Added the_mpr_button_shortcode_hidden filter to show notification for disabled shortcode.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.2.


  • Added escaping for echoed variables
  • Fixed frontend CSS
  • Fixed frontend JS multiple AJAX calls


  • Removed unused code
  • Added readme.txt file


  • Initial release