Element Invader – Elementor Template Kits Library


ElementInvader Plugin offers premium library of one click ready and free Elementor template kits from https://elementinvader.com/ service,
you can search for wanted template kit and make page with one click directly inside WordPress Dashboard and after that
with live frontend editing inside Elementor manage this website, change content / text / layout.

If you using Other template kits not related to specific Theme then ElementInvader plugin is relying on a 3rd party as a
service for templates on https://elementinvader.com/

Service terms: https://elementinvader.com/page/terms

Unique features:

  • Single click for page creation based on Elementor Template kits selected
  • Free and paid template kits also planned
  • Plugin will help you to download other plugins if needed for specific template kits design
  • Elementor Template kits export make more complete and easy (automatically detect and export also local images)


  • ElementInvader Elementor Templates


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working automatically

  1. Admin Dashboard -> Plugins -> Search for elementinvader
  2. Install and Activate this Plugin

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working manually

  1. Upload elementinvader.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and extract
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


What is Elementor?

Elementor is most popular page builder plugin for WordPress with a live frontend editor, so you can design your web pages visually, without any coding knowledge.

Does it work with other WordPress plugins?

ElementInvader is Plugin and also work with any other plugin. If template require some plugin, ElementInvader will automatically install and activate this plugin before creating page based on that template.

Does it work with all the themes?

Yes our plugin works with all themes, but sometimes differences are possible in templates because of css. We testing all themes with official Elementor theme «Hello» so if you are not satisfied or ahve trouble try to use theme «Hello».

What is template price?

For now we providing Free and Commercial templates for 10$ per one single page.

Can we use it in theme project?

Yes you can use ElementInvader plugin to automatically import and create pages based on templates inside your theme, plugins will be also auto installed for great user experiance.

Template looks different after import, why?

Sometimes this depends on your theme css, we testing all themes with theme «Hello» so if yo uare not satisfied or ahve trouble try to use official Elementor theme «Hello».

I have trouble with ElementInvader plugin?

Feel free to open support ticket in dashboard so we can take a look.


15 de febrero de 2021
Great plugin of marketplace for publish templates
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  • Redesign
  • Implement export, added missing images on export


  • PHP 8.2 compatibility improvements
  • Vendor libs updated, small fixes


  • PHP 8.2 compatibility improvements
  • Vendor libs updated, small fixes


  • Vendor libs updated, small fixes


  • Ask for plugin review integrated


  • Export Template Improvements
  • Export Template Form
  • Simplified Template Importing


  • Vendor library update
  • Changes in readme


  • Issue on WAMP servers detected/fixed


  • Paid templates support


  • Vendor library update
  • Changes in readme


  • small fix on search and import


  • small fix on preview images
  • library updates


  • Disable multiple click on add buttons what may cause troubles
  • Few small fixes


  • Initial release