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Show fixed buttons on bottom screen.
To allow visitors a quick and easy way for contact you by «Call to Action». This plugin allows you to track and evaluate the effectiveness of a site by measuring visitors’ clicks. By combining the statistics of the buttons (call to action) with the statistics of visits of other tools, it will be easier to study new strategies to increase conversions. The buttons are easily customizable for different site themes and they open a link in a new window.


  • added target option (open in same/new tab)

Available options

  • buttons shape option (square, top rounded, left wave and right wave)
  • buttons spacing option (none, 1px, 2px or 5px)
  • start animation option (fade, slide up, slide left and slide right)
  • alignment buttons (center, left or right)
  • display customization (icons only, text only, or both)
  • size of buttons (very small, small, normal, big, very big)
  • type of bar (full screen background, background only on buttons or completely transparent background)
  • customization of background and text colors (including hover colors and transparent option)
  • icon format between png and webp format
  • support for webp icon format

How to add a «preset button» to footer bar

  1. In the side menu, click on Settings > Footer Contacts
  2. In the «List» screen, select a predefined button from the drop-down menu and click on «Save and add new»
  3. Fill in the required fields (the title is optional), set status to «visible» and save

Available preset buttons

  • WhatsApp button for quickly sending a message
  • Phone button to call immediately
  • Email button to write and send mail
  • Map button to activate the Google navigator and provide information on how to reach the office
  • Skype button
  • Facebook button
  • Instagram button
  • Youtube button
  • LinkedIn button
  • TikTok button
  • Twitter button
  • Download button
  • External link button

How to add «custom button» to the footer menu bar

Custom field button for other link, example profile facebook, profile instagram, profile youtube, messenger, etc

  1. Prepare a 56×56 pixel image with transparent background (png, gif, webp, etc)
  2. From the side menu click on Media > Add new
  3. Press «Select file» to open the device file browser window
  4. Select the image file and upload it
  5. Copy the url generate by WordPress (if image is not optimized you can edit it with the tools made available by the image library)
  6. In the side menu, click on Settings > Footer Contacts
  7. In the «List» screen select «custom field» from the dropdown and click on «Save and add new»
  8. Fill in the required fields (the title is optional), copy url in the «image url» field, set status to «visible» and save


Statistics to monitor clicks (call to action):
* total number of clicks per day, month and year
* daily, monthly and annual chicks number for each button


WordPress forum: DN Footer Contacts


  • preview footer contacts bar
  • preview buttons style
  • contact buttons list
  • add new preset button
  • edit button
  • settings page
  • daily, monthly and annual statistics of clicks on contact buttons


  • Download the plugin.
  • Install and active the plugin on your WordPress Admin site.
  • Open menu Footer Contacts

This plugin is compatible and integrable in DN Dashboard, DN Globalize and DN Smart Chat


27 de noviembre de 2023 1 reply
A nice add-on. It would be great if the buttons could be colored separately and have the ability to choose different fontawasome icons. If I get these, I can use them on many sites. I follow the updates.
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* added target option (open in same/new tab)
* fixed some PHP notice in backend


  • fixed bug su about page


* improved html tag for icons
* added webp format for icons
* fixed display «icons + title» in mobile mode


* Added new buttons: download and website link
* Tested on WordPress v6.2
* Fixed order buttons bug
* Fixed php notices
* Fixed device views bug
* Added refreshing textdomain languages on upgrade plugin version


  • added new preset buttons (skype, facebook, instagram, youtube, linkedin, tiktok, twitter)
  • added animations for bar appearance (fade, slide up, slide left and slide right)
  • added option to separate buttons
  • added new option for button shape (square, top rounded, right wave and left wave)
  • new visibility based on device (desktop, tablet or mobile)
  • buttons management redesigned with ajax tecnology
  • added new sorting system based on drag&drop
  • increased security
  • admin button styles are now equal to front style
  • fixed settings save bug for menubar size
  • added help section in «About» page for colors suggestions


  • improved graphic appearance and notify message
  • file structure optimization to avoid waste of resources
  • implemented dynamic CSS external file for frontend styles (before they were inline)
  • the javascript scripts were put in separate js file
  • the backend css were put in separate css file
  • fixd title html tag on buttons in frontend
  • fixed varius php notice
  • added reset all data, settings and stats function
  • added «About» section with link at WordPress support forum of the plugin
  • security level has been increased
  • tested up to wordpress 6.1.1


  • fixed session conflict warning


  • tested up to wordpress 6.0


  • fixed bug on adding new button when list is empty
  • added «email button» in preset buttons


  • added «custom contact button»
  • added «size icon» and «hide all» options


  • initial version