DHL Shipping Germany for WooCommerce


DHL’s official extension for WooCommerce on WordPress. Manage your national and international shipments easily. The “DHL for WooCommerce” – plugin is compatible with the following DHL service offerings depending on your origin country:

  • DHL Paket (Germany)
  • Deutsche Post International (all European countries)

The following DHL services are no longer supported by this plugin:

  • DHL eCommerce Asia (TH, MY): Please use instead the following plugin here.
  • DHL Parcel for WooCommerce (for online stores that ship orders from the Benelux region): Please use instead the following plugin here.


  1. NEW: Ship your orders with DHL Warenpost International in Germany.
  2. Fast and easy label creation of your national and international orders with DHL products such as DHL Paket, Warenpost, DHL Paket International and Warenpost International
  3. Automatically receive a tracking code for each label.
  4. Use additional delivery services as e.g. the visual check of age available via the API of DHL Paket or Cash on delivery
  5. Offer Preferred Delivery Options to your customers via “Wunschzustellung”. The customer has the opportunity to select a specific date for his delivery or an alternative delivery location e.g. a drop-off location or his preferred neighbour.
  6. Customization Enable/disable or edit the names of services and set up the handling cost for each DHL shipping service.
  7. Experience premium support, timely compatibility updates and bug fixes.
  8. The “print only if codeable” – option you can activate in the DHL settings will check whether the address is correct or not before generating the label.
  9. Bulk Label Creation allows you to create multiple DHL Labels at once.
  10. Return Parcel Handling allows you to print a return label with a “return address” so your customer can return the shipment easily.

Availability by countries and prerequisites

Based on your sender country and shipping preference, different access credentials for DHL Paket, DHL Parcel NL and Deutsche Post International are required for the configuration:

DHL Paket for Germany: Log in with your business customer portal credentials. (not a customer yet? Click here for DHL Paket)

Deutsche Post International for Europe: ask your sales contact for credentials for this plugin. (not a customer yet? Click here).

Installation & Configuration

  1. Upload the downloaded plugin files to your /wp-content/plugins/DHL-for-WooCommerce directory, OR install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Go to WooCommerce–>Settings->Shipping and select the upper DHL unit (depending on your home country this is DHL Paket, DHL (Parcel) for WooCommerce or Deutsche Post) to configure the plugin.

…for DHL Paket (Germany): you need your EKP number (10 digits) and add the participation numbers (2 digits) to the respective products available (you will find the participation numbers in the DHL business customer portal).
…for Deutsche Post International: you need your customer account number (EKP) and API credentials.


More detailed instructions on how to set up your store and configure it are consolidated on on the page here

Additional Information

  • A “Google Maps API Key” is required if you wish to display DHL locations on a map for your customers.


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12 de julio de 2024
The Plugin does, what it says and is very strong with it. But I miss basic features like tracking informations, which I would expect from a shipper plugin. For example, if the shop would get feedback like the tracking site, we would be able to send emails / sms / push / push notifications like «your parcel is on its way» or «is ready to pick up» or, after delivery, «thanks again for ordering, here are your instructions». I don’t understand why we still need to pay 3rd party companies to deliver this information, which are allready there. Poorly.
13 de junio de 2023 1 reply
The overall purpose of the DHL WP plugin is nice, but since I have less than 200 shipments per year, I am not qualified to apply for a «business customer» account. However, to select DHL as shipping provider, the Customer Number (EKP) is required, which is not available to private customers/ when having fewer than 200 shipments.
28 de marzo de 2023
The plugin does what it is supposed to do, no more and no less.When we had questions / problems, the support helped us quickly and competently.
23 de marzo de 2023 1 reply
Nothing is working as expected. So much GUI-fails ….. Please use your another Plugin for connecting with DHL.Services.
6 de septiembre de 2022 7 replies
I’ve been using the plugin happily for 4 years, but for about 3 months if I mark all orders in the overview and want to generate labels, only about 5-10% are created. when I go into the order, I can generate the label. But that is of course not the long-term solution, since it is a very large effort
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«DHL Shipping Germany for WooCommerce» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • DHL Paket: Fix PHP warnings.
  • DHL Paket: Fix unhandled error if account settings is invalid.


  • Deutsche Post: Fix an error while bulk create labels.


  • Deutsche Post: Fix validation error when using comma as a decimal separator.


  • DHL Paket: Fix Named Person Service / Rest-API.
  • Fix fatal error when the store base is not supported.


  • DHL Paket: Fix order weight decimal point / Rest-API.


  • DHL Paket: Fix CN23 document includes refunded order items.


  • WordPress 6.5 compatibility.
  • DHL Paket: Fix Get Account Settings – Error 403


  • DHL Paket: Fix REST API customs doc merged with label
  • DHL Paket: Fix «Endorsement» warning


  • DHL Paket: Fix HPOS compatibility with bulk create labels


  • DHL Paket: Settings is empty on WooCommerce version 8.4.0


  • DHL Paket: Fix MyAccount files crash due to namespacing


  • DHL Paket: Implement MyAccount API to fetch EKP, participation settings and password expiration.
  • DHL Paket: Add PDDP for Switzerland


  • DHL Paket: Fix bulk label creation «total_package» error in REST API
  • DHL Paket: Fix warning for «woocommerce_subscriptions_renewal_order_meta_query»


  • DHL Paket: Add Company Name is destination address label
  • DHL Paket: Fix bulk merge issue when label previously exists


  • DHL Paket: Fix shipment weight for Rest-API.


  • DHL Paket: Use DHL sandbox credentials for Rest-API.


  • DHL Paket: Fix Parcel-DE Rest-API production link.


  • Fix Multisite compatibility.


  • Fix download label button for orders with already created labels.


  • Deutsche Post : Fix order list fetal error


  • Fix WC versions compatibility


  • Add Signature service
  • Fix PHP warnings


  • Fix fatal error in some environments
  • Update business center url


  • Fix AWBS bulk labels creation


  • Round customs item weight to 4 digits


  • Fix white screen in CPT bulk action


  • Support for upcoming HPOS changes in WooCommerce


  • DHL Paket: Added Postal Delivered Duty Paid (PDDP) service for Norway


  • DHL Paket: Support for Shipment REST API


  • DHL Paket: Add endorsement service
  • DHL Paket: WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin compatibility
  • DHL Paket: Fix FPDF bug


  • DHL Paket: Bug fix – If FPDF used in other plugins


  • DHL Paket: Fix location finder dropdown


  • DHL Paket: Add bulk delete labels on orders page
  • DHL Paket: Fix – Disable bulk button after pressed to avoid duplicate label creation.
  • DHL Paket: Fix – Additional setting weight after WC decimal modification


  • DHL Parcel: Removed DHL Parcel Benelux
  • DHL Parcel: Added a notification for DHL Parcel Benelux users


  • DHL Paket: Added Closest drop-point delivery (CDP) service


  • DHL Parcel: Updated label downloads to now serve from the temporary folder instead of the public folder for additional security and storage usage


  • DHL Paket: Added Postal Delivered Duty Paid (PDDP) service
  • DHL Paket: Added support for EU exceptions that require customs e.g. Canary Islands
  • DHL Paket: Fix – allow empty street number outside of Germany
  • DHL Paket: Fix – round error message
  • DHL Paket: Fix – PHP 8.0 error for private function that should be public
  • DHL Paket: Fix – add back variant name in product description

See changelog for all versions.