Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

delicious tagroll shortcode


The delicious tagroll for WordPress plugin adds a new shortcode to WordPress, the [delicious_tagroll] shortcode. The shortcode creates a tag cloud from your public delicious tags.

Live demo:

For more information, please see the plugin home page


  • Demo
  • Adding the [delicious_tagroll] shortcode to a page



  • PHP: 5.2.x or newer

Manual Installation

  • Upload the files to wp-content/plugins/delicious-tagroll-shortcode/
  • Activate the plugin

Automatic Installation

  • On your WordPress blog, open the Dashboard
  • Go to Plugins->Install New
  • Search for «delicious tagroll»
  • Click on install to install the delicious tagroll shortcode

WPMU Installation

  • If you want to change the shortcode defaults, edit the ps_delicious_tagroll.php file
  • Upload the file to wp-content/mu-plugins/



  • username=»delicious username» (the only mandatory parameter, if you forget this parameter, my tagroll will be displayed)
  • title=»tagroll title» (default =»My Delicious Tags», use » » if you don’t want a tagroll title)
  • count=»number of tags» (default=»100″)
  • sort=»alpha or freq» (default = “alpha»)
  • showcounts=»true or false» (default = “false», show tag counts)
  • mincount (default mincount=»10″), eg. show only tags with 10 or more links
  • minfont=»12″
  • maxfont=»35″


What are shortcodes?

Shortcode, a «shortcut to code», makes it easy to add funtionality to a page or post. When a page with a shortcode is saved, WordPress execute the linked code and embedds the output in the page.

Writing your own shortcode plugin


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Tested & found compatible with WP 4.7.


  • Change feed URL to


  • Add scripts to shortcode only when the shortcode is used.
  • Update plugin for WordPress Coding Standards.
  • Tested & found compatible with WP 4.5.


  • Tested in WordPress 4.3


  • Tested in WordPress 3.9, bumped version number
  • The plugin no longer supports PHP 4.x


  • Bugfix, You need this version if you are using PHP prior to version 5.3


  • Replaced LastRSS with WordPress built in methods and set/get transient for caching. See function ps_delicious_tagroll_get_tags() in ps_delicious_tagroll.php
  • Added a new optional attribute:
    • tags (default empty), used to filter which tags you’d like to display eg. tags=»javascript,jquery,nodejs»


  • Delicious removed their javascript feed so I had to do a total rewrite
    • Creates the tag cloud server-side (good for SEO) and lets you change the look and feel using the included style sheet.
    • Uses the Delicious RSS feed API
    • Caches the feed for one hour. Delicious might block you if you access their feed API too often.
  • Some attributes are removed from the shortcode (you can change these using the ps_delicious_tagroll.css style sheet in the plugin directory):
    • mincolor
    • maxcolor
    • flow
  • Also removed the attributes
    • showname
    • showadd
    • icon
  • Added a new attribute:
    • mincount (default mincount=»10″), eg. show only tags with 10 or more links


  • changed parameter name=»true» to showname=»true»
  • added missing parameter showcounts=»false»


  • initial release