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Custom Blurb


This plugin will let you pick any post or page or groups of them and sort them in any order.

And if you dont pick any it will just show the most recent posts.

Most sites are made with groups of posts and specific areas of the screen and this will allow you to do that.

And you can use one of our premade templates or make your own to have the posts show up in a nice uniform manner


Plugin Installation

  1. in the wp admin, hit Plugins on the left nav
  2. find custom-blurb in the list of plugins and hit ‘activate’ if its not activated
  3. now, in the wp admin hit Appearance on the left nav
  4. under the Appearance menu theres a submenu item called ‘widgets’ and hit that
  5. you should see Custom Blurb Widget in the list of available widgets
  6. drag over the widget into one of your widget areas on the right side of the page (eg, “Sidebar 1″)

Getting started

Ok now its installed into your sidebar. Heres how to configure it:

  1. on the blurb widget thats installed, if the widget window is closed, click on the little down triangle on the right of the title bar.
    This should pop open the blurb widget window
  2. fill out all the data in the fields. As an example, the blurb widget is hard at work right now in this page’s sidebar
    and here’s how we set it up:
    Display Title = “Another Blurb Example”
    See more stories url: “/donate”
    Default image url: (blank)
    Number of posts to show: “2″
    Number of thumbnails to show: “0″

    Go ahead and hit “Save”.

  3. Now here’s where it gets fun. Hit the “Add” button. You should now have a popup that says “Find posts”

  4. You can find on all different aspects. If you want to choose from posts that have the word “lucky” in the title
    then type “lucky” into the “Titles Contains” field.
    If you want to see all the pages in your site click on the “Pages” checkbox in the Post Types area.
    You can also opt to see all posts and pages by checking them both, etc.
    If you want to see all pages and posts that have “lucky” in the title, then type “lucky” into the “Titles Contains” field
    and check the “Posts” and “Pages” checkboxes in the the Post Types area.
  5. Once you have narrowed your search filters, hit the “Search” button and voila!
    A list of posts/pages will show up that match your criteria.
  6. Check on any of the posts that you want to show up in your blurb widget
  7. Hit the “Use this Post” button.
  8. You will now see the posts you selected in the widget area.
  9. If you dont like the order they are showing up in, you can drag them around to your hearts content.
    10.Dont forget to hit “Save”!!
  10. Now check your blog and blurb

The Blurb Template

Ok well we’ve included a bunch of templates you can copy and paste from.
You can certainly make your own but you will probably need some PHP experience or someone with PHP knowledge to make it go smoothly.
These are all found in the plugins widget/template folder.

The “default” template is whats in use – just copy and paste whatever template you want into that default template.
And then you can adjust all the CSS with the css style sheets found in plugin CSS folder.

And for all you scripties – if you wanna add jQuery stuff – just pop edit the scripts found in the JS folder.

Advanced concepts

If you know how to create widget areas within your template then actually you can put these blurbs all over the place
not just the sidebar.
There are plenty of client sites we made where they the entire page was covered in widget areas
and the blurbs just filled in the rest.
Even more convenient is the use of blurbs to control which posts you want to
hilite in your slider. Think about it…


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