Maspik – Spam blacklist


Are you getting spam emails through your contact forms?
MASPIK will help you stop spam coming through your Elementor + CF7 forms (plus Gravityforms + Wpforms if you active pro license).
Block/blacklist specific words, IP, country, languages, and more – MASPIK blocks the spam that ReCaptcha doesn’t block.

If you look through your spam emails, you can often find the same words repeated. Sometimes they are in a foreign language, and other times they are from the same country or even IP.
One example of common words in spam email is “Eric Jones”, “SEO Ranking”, “Automatically submit your website” , «Get free».

MASPIK can block form spam emails from being delivered to your inbox!


  • Support on Elementor forms + CF7 (More in the pro version)
  • Blacklist words in a text field
  • Blacklist words in the Email field (regex accepted)
  • Blacklist words in the textarea field
  • Blacklist a specific IP address
  • Blacklist a specific country or countries
  • Allow only a specific country
  • Block text fields that have more than X characters
  • Block spam if the textarea contains more than X links
  • Block or allow the email if it contains (or doesn’t contain) one character from the main site language.
  • Custom phone validation (Add your regex format)
  • Spam log, which you can clear at any time
  • Block forms devoid of source URL (Elementor forms only)

If a bot or spammer fills out your form with any of the above, the form will NOT be sent, and they will receive a validation error.

Pro version features:

  • Connect your site to private Spam API
  • Gravityforms support
  • Wpforms support

API site:

The plugin allows you to manually blacklist the words you select.
Each website has different needs, so be careful with the words you choose to blacklist. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency and block the word SEO, you will likely lose some valid leads.

Love each author, it will make the world better ❤


  • Setting page
  • Error after submitting form with spam words


  1. Search in wp Plugin repository through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress for «Maspik – Spam blacklist».
  2. Install and Activate the plugin.
  3. In the WordPress dashboard menu you will find the setting page – Maspik – Spam blacklist.
  4. Add Spam words as you wish.


The plugin stop spam for any different kind of contact form plugins?

MASPIK support freely at Elementor and Contact Form 7.
And in pro features, Gravityforms + Wpforms as well.

We plan on supporting more forms in the future.

Where do I set this up?

In the WordPress dashboard menu, look for the MASPIK plugin and click on “settings”.

Will MASPIK slow down my site?

I wrote this plugin in high-quality code and not in CSS/JS. (CSS/JS running in the front end is what slows down websites.)


27 de junio de 2022
I never take time giving reviews but I've to take this time for this plugin! I'm really thankful you did this spamfilter. I use it for my elementor-forms, it's easy to use and it works really good! So thanks for that! 🙂
10 de junio de 2022
This plugin and it's author are amazing. I needed to prevent emails from being sent from any country other than USA and Canada. Initially the plugin did not work for that, and the author fixed it in no time. I want to give this plugin and it's support 6 stars!
6 de junio de 2022
It is impressive to see the difference in the spam that gets filtered out after installing, and configuring this plugin. With just a little bit of reading, of the very helpful links provided in the settings screen, you can all but stop the spam without stopping legitimate inquiries. Excellent plugin.
30 de mayo de 2022
One anti-spam to find them, One anti-spam to bring them all, And in nothingness exterminate them And without blocking a real email, we've been waiting for it for so long! With more than 15 sites to manage and different solutions tested, it is with pleasure that I accept to wear your ring;)
26 de mayo de 2022
Seems to be very effective, I tried it on several sites, and there were a few times that it could not block spam although I used the filters correctly, but it still blocks about 85-90% of spam which is very nice! I hope that the developer of this plugin will keep updating it and fix bugs, as this plugin clearly has a great potential to be one of the most popular plugins on WordPress, not less than that!
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Registro de cambios

0.6.5 – 03/06/2022

  • Bug pix – fix Block empty source URL option

0.6.4 – 03/06/2022

  • Bug pix – Disable Spampixel

0.6.3 – 31/05/2022

  • Bug pix – Fix lower/uppercase letter in Country field
  • New Url to API site

0.6.1 – 30/05/2022

  • Tweek – Add Spam log counter to Spam log menu title
  • Bug pix – Allow only specific country option in CF7

0.6.0 – 27/05/2022

  • Tweek – Smart bot capture (spampixel)
  • Tweek – Add Gravityforms support – pro feature
  • Tweek – Add Wpforms support – pro feature

0.5.8 – 27/04/2022

  • Tweek – Add Editor access to Spam-log

0.5.7 – 20/04/2022

  • Tweek – Improve Text field spam lockup
  • Bug pix – Fix Allow only specific country option

0.5.6 – 09/04/2022

  • Tweek – Add option to put an end of Email in email field, like:

0.5.5 – 06/04/2022

  • Thanks to @Fiona_Fars, Improve explanation content in the setting pages.

0.5.4 – 24/01/2022

  • Tweek – Load API php file only if mark it or already use it
  • Tweek – Ready for WordPress 5.9

0.5.3 – 25/11/2021

  • Tweek – Limit spam log to max 100 entrees (To prevent DB overload)


    • Add a minimum requires version for php (7)


  • Bug pix – Language api


  • Performance – Improving code performance
  • Tweek added – Change country drop down list
  • Tweek added – Show your API list in the main setting page


  • Add translation – Add Hebrew translation


  • Bug pix – fix Block empty source URL option


  • Bug pix – fix PHP error in 0.4.0v


upgrade_notice: ‘You may need to activate the plugin again after the update, as the plugin name changed’
* Tweek added – Connect your site to Spam API
* Tweek added – Variety of new options
* Performance – Improving code performance


upgrade_notice: ‘You may need to activate the plugin again after the update, as the plugin name changed’
* Tweek added – Allow only specific country
* Tweek added – Block text-field with more than X characters
* Tweek added – Ability to block textarea-field with any Russian character
* Tweek added – Email Blacklist field support Regex
* Performance – Improving code performance


upgrade_notice: ‘You may need to activate the plugin again after the update, as the plugin name changed’
* Bug pix – Fix phone filed & affect Language check only on textarea.


  • Bug pix – Fix phone filed in CF7 always blocked.


  • Tweek added – Spam log
  • Bug pix – Not blocking Email field.


*Tweek added – Add plugin support to- Contact form 7
*Tweek added – Custom phone validation (Add your format)


*Bug pix – Fix php error.


*Bug pix – Fix bug in textarea field.


*Tweek added – Add Spam block counter


*Tweek added – Block sending if not contains one character from main site language (Hebrew only for now)


First release