ClickCease Click Fraud Protection


Bots and invalid traffic can reach your site through paid, organic, and direct traffic, resulting in a wasted ad budget and disrupted marketing funnels.

Prevent bots, competitors, and malicious users from damaging your marketing performance with ClickCease, the industry-leading service that keeps your website and ads safe from fraud. Quick installation and real-time protection for all your website’s incoming traffic.

ClickCease protects you from invalid traffic by monitoring and protecting your:

  • Paid traffic (Google, Facebook, & Microsoft)

  • Organic traffic

  • Direct traffic

Put a stop to ad and click fraud on your website with our market-leading AI software. Allow yourself to fully focus on growing your business without having online fraud distract you.

You will need an active ClickCease subscription to use this WordPress plugin.


Install the plugin, add you keys, and you’re protected.


Is there a free protection package?

ClickCease offers a 7 day free trial for you to run a traffic audit.

Will your plugin slow down my website?

No. ClickCease uses a synchronous code that does not slow down page or site load speeds.

What are the benefits of using ClickCease?

Secure your ad campaigns and website from malicious bots and competitors with ClickCease. Using advanced click fraud protection to protect your ad campaigns as well as accurate on-site bot detection and prevention, ClickCease makes sure all your marketing efforts are going towards real and potential customers only.

What else do I need for this plugin to work?

You will need to sign up for a ClickCease subscription at Our free 7 day trial allows you to get started blocking bad traffic.


21 de agosto de 2020
Simple install and integration into the platform
19 de marzo de 2019
I’m not commenting on the ClickCease service – as far as I know, that’s totally great, but this plugin is coded in the worst way imaginable. So much php processing and hogging of the output buffer unecessarily. Do not use this plugin. Just add the code to your theme’s header manually.
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* Fixed security issue for improved data protection.

* Fixed security issue for improved data protection.

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