Contact Form 7 Add Password field


Este plugin añade un campo de contraseña al plugin Contact Form 7.
Ejemplo: [password tu-contrasena] (opcional) / [password* tu-contrasena] (obligatorio)


  • Ajustes de Contact Form 7
  • Vista de Contact Form 7


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How to use the ability of the password check?

Enter the value of the «name» on the field if you wish to verify a value of a password field.
Ex. If you set [password password-100], set [password* password-101 password_check:password-100]. Please pay attention a miss with uppercase and lowercase letters.

How the use the ability to display a password?

Set the «id» and the value sets same as «name» value.
Ex. If you set [password password-100], change to [password password-100 id:password-100].

The feature uses the library(Web fonts and CSS) of Font Awesome ( ).

How the customize the validation check?

Please see the follwoing document.


10 de diciembre de 2020
The plugin does what it says. Used it to create a registration form with CF7. Great job and thank you.
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Registro de cambios


  • Update the css and webfonts powered by from 5.15.4 to version 6.4.2.
  • New «hideIcon» option has been added. By setting this, it can hide the icon for displaying passwords.
  • Tested up WordPress 6.3 with PHP 8.2.


  • Fxied the issue for the version 5.8 of Contact form 7; Since the version 5.8 of Contact form 7 ignores the id attribute if the same ID is already used for another element.
  • Changed to require WordPress 6.2+ and PHP 7.4+ according to the specifications required by Contact Form 7 itself.


  • Fixed some error message.


  • Added «specific_password_check» option for matching with specific passwords specified in advance.


  • Fixed the markup changes in form controls, such as error message, since the version 5.6 of Contact Form 7 plugin (
  • Tested up 6.1


  • Fixed misspelling of id in maxlength on input tag (it was naxlength).


  • Fixed the password strength check.


  • Added character count option «minlength» ad «maxlength» implemented in Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • If both of «password_min» and «minlength» are set, the «minlength» setting takes precedence.


  • Fixed one of language translation.
  • Tested up 6.0


  • The css and webfonts powered by for the password display icon was involded to the plugin for supporting an offline or CDN.


  • Added the hook «wpcf7_k_password_validation_filter» for customizing the validation check. Please refer to the FAQ for details.


  • Added the ability to display a password. Please refer to the FAQ for details.


  • Fixed some language transtaion.
  • Added the ability to verify a field value like a password.


  • Fixed the error message regarding the description on the password generation form.
  • Tested up 5.7 with PHP 8.0
  • Tested up 5.8


  • Añadidas dos restricciones: «Número de caracteres» y «Fortaleza de la contraseña».
  • Probado hasta WP 5.5.1 con PHP 7.4
  • Probado hasta WP 5.6 con PHP 7.4


  • Corregido el problema por el que el gancho «cf7-add-password-field-features» no estaba disponible.
  • Probado hasta WP 5.5 con PHP 7.4


  • Añade la opción del texto del marcador de posición (
  • Probado hasta WP 5.3.2 con PHP 7.4


  • Probado hasta WP 5.3.1
  • Añade el gancho «cf7-add-password-field-features» para personalizar la opción wpcf7_add_form_tag.


  • Probado hasta WP 5.2.4 con PHP 7.3.
  • Corregidos los argumentos de load_plugin_textdomain para WordPress 3.7 o posterior.


  • Probado hasta WP 5.2.2 con PHP 7.3.
  • Compatibilidad para el botón de formulario «Contraseña».


  • Primera versión.