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Easy CryptoCurrency Ticker


Easy CryptoCurrency Ticker displays current cryptocurrency prices (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and/or others) on your WordPress website. You may select multiple cryptocurrencies (over 1800 available) to show prices in various currencies (BTC, USD, EUR, GBP or others)

Prices are fetched from using their API.

To improve performance and prevent your website to make too much requests to remote server, we cache prices in local WordPress database for two minutes.


  • Add one or more cryptocurrencies from the Coin List that contains over than 1800 coins.
  • Add one or more national or crypto currencies to display cryptocurrency prices.
  • Enable displaying of change amount and percentage below the price.
  • Choose to link coin symbol to overview page on
  • Optionally hide logo for cryptocurrencies.
  • Cache cryptocurrency logo locally.
  • Cache prices in local WordPress for two minutes.
  • Add referral link to your own Referral ID
  • Insert widget by regular configurable WordPress widget or shortcode

Known issues

  • Currencies are listed in alphabetic order, no matter how they are added to From field.
  • Some cryptocurrencies are not supported by API even Coin List contain them, like CLOUT, EARTH, etc
  • When new cryptocurrency is added for first time, loading of page can be a little bit slower for very first time because plugin have to download and store localle logo for that cryptocurrency.


Along to WordPress widget, you can use shortcode [cryptocurrency_ticker] with following parameters:

  • f – Symbols of cryptocurrency coins. Multiple symbols have to be separated by comma. Default fallback is: ‘BTC,ETC,XMR’
  • t – Symbols of national or crypto currency. Multiple symbols have to be separated by comma. Default fallback is: ‘USD’,
  • noicon – To hide coin logo, set this option to true`
  • nolink – To insert coin symbol without link to overview page on, set this option to true
  • coinbase – If you wish to display link to your Coin Base Referral ID, set your referral ID to this parameter
  • showchange – If you wish to display additional change amount and percentage below the price, set this option to true


To customize how ticker looks like, you can use following CSS classes to target various ticker elements:

  • .cctw – class of main table element
  • .currency – cryptocurrency coin symbol
  • .currency.ico – class targeting cryptocurrency icon
  • .amount – element that contains price and change values
  • .price – element that contain price value
  • .currency – element that contain currency symbol as a part of .price
  • .change – element that contains change value (amount and percentage)
  • .delay – element that contains info about delayed quotes
  • .coinbase – element that contains referral link to Coin Base


Feel free to buy me some beer (or wine) for more cool free plugins.

  • PayPal:
  • BTC: 1EhpAuGM4an7z4r8ACTQ66fsm5Gubmf3HW
  • ETH: 0x13A850f14CB404C815248e24D6B6d61234Df538d
  • LTC: LQPqqYRTX1mDxazTX566rEog7bohbGAhmT


  • Widget settings in customizer and preview
  • Shortcode with custom parameters
  • Front-end preview of ticker inserted by shortcode to page


  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for Easy CryptoCurrency Ticker plugin
  3. Install and activate Easy CryptoCurrency Ticker
  4. Go to Widgets and insert Easy CryptoCurrency Ticker widget to preferred widget area.
  5. Click button Get Live at the bottom of widget (have to be done only first time after plugin is installed).
  6. Enter preferred cryptocurrency coins to From Symbols field. Multiple symbols separate by comma (example: BTC,ETH,LTC,XMR,DASH)
  7. Enter preferred national or crypto currency to To Symbols field. Multiple symbols separate by comma (example: USD,EUR,GBP)
  8. Optionally, if you wish to show your referral link for below the ticker table, add your Coin Base Referral ID to fhat field.
  9. Click Save button to save widget changes.


Ticker does not blend well to my custom theme. What I can do?

You can freely override basic CSS styles with custom CSS. Add customization to Additional CSS control in theme Customizer, or you can use my free WordPress plugin Head & Footer Code

Are those cryptocurrency prices live?

Quotes are delayed up to 2 minutes. To prevent overloaded requests to Crypto Compare API, we cache responses for two minutes in local WordPress.

Can I use a Referrer ID from Coin Base?

Absolutely. Simply enter your Referral ID to widget field. If you leave that field empty, no link will be displayed.


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