WordPress Loan Calculator Guide


This plugin is a guide to how much you’d pay monthly, Bi-weekly or weekly on mortgage, car finance and so on. It is great-looking and informative, and absolutely free!.
Visit [demo](https://walexconcepts.com/wordpress/plugin-demo/).

Main features:

  • * Calculator Guide looks responsive on any device.
  • * You can use it as simple calculator with Loan amount, Down payment, Loan length, Annual Interest and Payment term.
  • * The calculator display results in block or Popup window with simple text.
  • * Use shortcode to add it to any page at backend or frontend.
  • * Click ‘Settings’ under ‘calculator_guild’ menu at admin page to select your option for display result.


  • 1. Calculator Guild admin page or back-end
  • 2. Front-end
  • 3. Results popup with text
  • 4. Block Results with text
  • 5. Responsive layout mobile
  • 6. Responsive layout tablet


  • 1. Upload files of calculator_guide to the `/wp-content/plugins/`
  • 2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • 3. At backend or admin page, put ShortCode /*[calculator-guide]*/ to add calculator to the page. Please always remember
    to remove [/* */] from the Shortcode.
  • 4. At frontend, put ShortCode /*if ( shortcode_exists( ‘calculator-guide’ ) ) { echo do_shortcode(‘[calculator-guide]’);} */ to
    add calculator to the page. Please always remember to remove [/* */] from the Shortcode.
  • 5. At backend , click ‘Settings’ under ‘calculator_guild’ menu in WordPress to display caculator guide admin page.
  • 6. At backend , click ‘Help’ under ‘calculator_guild’ menu in WordPress for help user guide.


Does Calculator Guide work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it does. You can use it with any WordPress theme.

Do I get free support for this free plugin?

Yes, we can provide support via email and chat if needed.


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