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Block Logic – Full Gutenberg Block Display Control


Block Logic adds a «Block Logic» field to the «Advanced» section of the block editor (i.e Gutenberg), that lets you show or hide any block based on conditions. You can use WordPress’ Conditional Tags or any general PHP code.

Show or hide blocks based on

  • User role
  • User login status
  • Post status
  • Date and time
  • The result of a custom PHP function


  • Show or hide any block using conditions
  • Combine conditions with “and” or “or” operators. See FAQ Writing Logic Code
  • Full flexibility: use any condition you want


Does not work with the Classic Block, Widget Block or Widget Area Block [‘core/freeform’, ‘core/legacy-widget’, ‘core/widget-area’], as the those blocks do not support block attributes. Does also not work with the HTML Block [‘core/html’] inside the Widget Screen, as this one also does not support block attributes there.


Just activate the plugin. The «Block Logic» textbox will then appear in the «Advanced» section of the Gutenberg editor.


  • The ‘Block logic’ field at work in the block editor.


Writing Logic Code

Make good use of WP’s own conditional tags. You can vary and combine code using:

  • ! (not) to reverse the logic, eg !is_home() is TRUE when this is NOT the home page.
  • || (or) to combine conditions. X OR Y is TRUE when either X is true or Y is true.
  • && (and) to make conditions more specific. X AND Y is TRUE when both X is true and Y is true.
  • is_home() — just the main blog page
  • !is_page('about') — everywhere EXCEPT this specific WP ‘page’
  • is_user_logged_in() — shown when a user is logged in
  • is_category(array(5,9,10,11)) — category page of one of the given category IDs
  • is_single() && in_category('baked-goods') — single post that’s in the category with this slug
  • current_user_can('level_10') — admin only blocks
  • strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], "")!=false — blocks to show when clicked through from a google search
  • is_category() && in_array($cat, get_term_children( 5, 'category')) — category page that’s a descendent of category 5
  • global $post; return (in_array(77,get_post_ancestors($post))); — WP page that is a child of page 77
  • global $post; return (is_page('home') || ($post->post_parent=="13")); — home page OR the page that’s a child of page 13

Note the extra ‘;’ on the end where there is an explicit ‘return’.

The ‘block_logic_eval_override’ filter

Before the Block Logic code is evaluated for each block, the text of the Block Logic code is passed through this filter. If the filter returns a BOOLEAN result, this is used instead to determine if the block is visible. Return TRUE for visible.

With great power comes great responsibility

The block logic you introduce is EVAL’d directly. Anyone who has access to use the Gutenberg Editor will have the right to add any code, including malicious and possibly destructive functions. There is an optional filter ‘block_logic_eval_override’ which you can use to bypass the EVAL with your own code if needed.

  • I’m getting «PHP Parse error… … eval()’d code on line 1»

You have a PHP syntax error in one of your block’s «Block Logic» fields. Review them for errors.


14 de enero de 2024 1 reply
Beautiful plugin, solves many of my problems while being very light weight and efficient. Many plugins try to solve too many things, probably because it motivates a price tag. But when all you need is to solve a specific issue, plugins like this are a god send.
26 de noviembre de 2023 1 reply
It’s really powerful, flexible, and simple, though it needs some basic knowledge of PHP.Thanks for sharing the plugin.
9 de noviembre de 2023 1 reply
none of the other Condition Block Visibility plugins had me up & successful in less than a minute.
6 de noviembre de 2023 1 reply
This plugin is absolutely AWESOME! Simple, fast and efficient. No bloat with tons of pre-configured conditions for every popular plugin out there, no fancy UI that’s often not needed, etc. Definitely a part of my toolset now.
24 de diciembre de 2022 1 reply
It’s easy to set up and works. I didn’t want more.
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