Animated Number Counters


Animated Number Counters is the easiest, fastest, and best-ever number counter plugin with animated counting for WordPress.

Animated Number Counters is a lightweight, responsive, and mobile-friendly WordPress plugin that boasts extraordinary design and effects to make your numbers stand out and catch the eyes of visitors on your awesome website.


You can create as many counters as you want with your chosen numbers, a little description, accompanied by amazing Font Awesome icons- all laid out with a refreshing design sense. Also, you can add beautiful static or parallax background images to highlight your animated number counters.

The customizability of the plugin will blow your mind as you’ll be able to touch and tailor every little element of the animated number counters. Plus, you can define and use your own cascading stylesheet to personalize the animated number counters even more. Freedom is yours!

You’ll experience how easy we have made it for you to install and use the Animated Number Counters plugin. Anyone without any prior web-developing skill will be able to adapt to its intuitive user interface instantly and tweak the settings easily to reflect a professional look on your hard-achieved numbers that you want to proudly showcase on your website to communicate your business proficiency in an efficient and graceful way.

This plugin is really light-weight, SEO-friendly, and doesn’t bulk up your webpage to hamper load time. We have adopted a grid-based development principal to make the Animated Number Counters plugin effortlessly integrate and work with all popular page builders including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, SiteOrigin, Visual Composer, and others.


Animated Number Counters is an important part of creating an expressive and professional looking webpage. With crucial numbers like how many customers your business has served with satisfaction over the years or how many projects have been successfully completed are important for potential stakeholders. In the past, if website owners wanted to add such functionality of an Animated Number Counters, they could achieve only some static, boring numbers. And even that required them to hire expensive developers for accomplishing this task. It was the biggest problem for non-programming owners who wanted to develop their own site for amateur usages such as a personal blog or something that is not much professional, but essential. In those days they had to learn to code even though they didn’t want to, or they had to solve the coding stuff by hiring a programmer. For those reasons, they had to face many complexities if they wanted to add a number that counts up to a specific value with cool animation. But nowadays plugins like Animated Number Counters bring us the special convenience to add such functionality in WordPress sites using shortcodes and custom posts.

If you are looking for a fast and easy Animated Number Counters with simple and very beautiful, highly customizable design here it is at your disposal where even a newbie in WordPress will be able to create his/her first number counter with animation in a few minutes. And at the same time WordPress professional developers can get advanced tools and freedom of creativity. Just download this Animated Number Counters plugin and you’ll not look any further for any other number counter plugin to use anymore!


=Template Library=

The Animated Number Counters plugin ships with a rich library of templates that will definitely help the user to pick the right one for them. You can build a group of animated number counters within minutes by using this plugin. It is very easy to use any of the beautiful templates of animated number counters by pasting the provided shortcode into posts and pages. You can also put the shortcode into the page builders, thus, it can be included in the theme for displaying the team showcase within the theme using the PHP function. You’ll get more than 20 ready templates. All you have to do is create your number counters with numbers, titles, and a little description (optional).

=SEO-friendly solution=

Using Animated Number Counters WordPress Plugin, a WordPress developer can easily create SEO-friendly number counter showcases on any page or post. By utilizing the read more button, you can easily add links to any resources including popular social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Google Plus, Pinterest, and so on, so that interested visitors can learn more about your offerings and build trust! It is pretty cool, isn’t it?

=Adding and reordering counters=

You can add as many animated number counters as you wish and reorder them easily to display on your WordPress website.

=Responsive Number Counters=

On every layout of Animated Number Counters, you can choose how many columns to display. The Columns will be responsive and adapt to different screen sizes.

=Custom Number, Title, and Details=

Animated Number Counters plugin allows the maximum level of customization so that anyone can make the number counter integrate with the design of the Website and personal preferences. You can define your own numbers in your preferred way, for instance, you can write 3000+ or 3K+ as the number. You can write an appropriate title with a suitable description and customize font-family, font-size, font-weight, font color, font color for hover, line-height, margin, and padding on all 4 sides, and many other features.

=Custom CSS=

WordPress professional developers can get advanced tools and freedom of creativity with our plugin. They can use their custom styling within the Animated Number Counters WordPress plugin. Advanced developers can add their custom CSS in the plugin very easily. There’s a tab we’ve left on the customization panel for this task.

=Live Preview=

Animated Number Counters WordPress plugin has a live preview option of your number counter items. Every time you make any change with your Animated Number Counters item you can see the live preview at the bottom portion of the admin page. You don’t need to copy the shortcode into the page/post to see the preview. You can also customize the live preview background color. This is a great advantage of working with this exceptional plugin.

=Works with Elementor Page Builder=

Elementor Page Builder is a lightweight, user friendly and the most popular page builder as a big number of WordPress users use Elementor as their first choice. Our Animated Number Counters plugin for WordPress is fully compatible with Elementor Page Builder.

=Most Importantly, we care=

In any case, if you get any kind of error, we provide comprehensive user support. Our support includes video tutorials and good documentation to enable users to solve some common issues on their own. We also provide 16×6 LIVE support.

IMPORTANT: If you think you have found a bug in Animated Number Counters or have any problem or question concerning this plugin, do not hesitate to contact us at

=Lifetime Update/Support Guaranteed=

If you purchase the Animated Number Counters plugin for your awesome WordPress website, you’ll unlock premium templates and you will be automatically subscribed to receive updates forever without having to pay any additional charges. Also, your issues will be prioritized by the support team.

So be the privileged PRO user of the Animated Number Counters and stay assured!


  • Counter number
  • Title
  • Description (Post Content, not on every template)
  • Customizable ‘Read More’ button text
  • External URL through the ‘Read More’ button to elaborate more on that number
  • Font Awesome icon class name input
  • Image selection
  • Hover image selection

The Animated Number Counters plugin was developed by an expert hand who tried to develop this plugin with the concern of both beginner and expert WordPress plugin users. Thus, users can find both user-friendly interface and quality features to showcase their extraordinary numbers. It is very simple to create an Animated Number Counters on your WordPress website using this plugin. The plugin has a shortcode generator built-in so every newly created Animated Number Counters profile has its own ID number. It makes it easier for embedding in any pages or posts. You can also use this plugin within page builders. This will add extra convenience to advanced users.

Your suggestions will make this plugin even better, so let us know if you need any assistance or help.

Animated Number Counters Features:

  • Display animated number counters in grid view.
  • Number, title, and description (optional) can be set separately
  • Customization for number font color, font size, line height, font hover color, & font-family and more+
  • Customization for title font color, font size, line height, font hover color, & font-family and more+
  • Customization for details font color, font size, line height, font hover color, & font-family and more+
  • Customize the margin, padding, text-alignment
  • Border customization for normal and hover state
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Fully Responsive
  • 20+ Different layout with scope for creative alterations for new designs
  • Simple material design templates included
  • Drag & Drop ordering of counters
  • Use of Shortcode
  • User-friendly, minimal front-end and back-end interface
  • Touch-enable feature
  • Unique layout design
  • Fully and very easily customizable
  • The plugin made with an accent on simplicity, and it is easy to use.
  • Sleek, clean, and modern design.
  • Manual responsive
  • Grid with Margin or No Margin.
  • Social links (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, etc) and any internal/external link support through the Read More button
  • Background image
  • Background opacity
  • Parallax effect
  • Append characters like $, + etc.
  • Widget option
  • Font Awesome icon support
  • Limitless counters can be used anywhere within the theme
  • Output your number counters with the use of shortcode facility
  • Custom CSS adding option for maximum customization
  • Live preview available to show changes instantly
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • All browser compatible
  • Premium templates available for PRO users


Does the Animated Number Counters support basic HTML Elements?

Yes. Basic Html has a support possibility. Such as you can add , .

Is the Animated Number Counters responsive?

Yes, it is able to detect different display sizes and reorganize all the elements within the counter widget to best suit the particular display size and provide users a smooth, friendly experience.

How to use and enable the Animated Number Counters in a post or page?

First, choose a template and click on ‘Create Counter’. You will be taken to the admin customization page for that particular template. Now click on the ‘Add/Edit Counters’ box on the right panel of the page to add your counters. Scroll down along the right-side panel and you will find the shortcode. Copy and paste it into your desired widget shortcode block on your WordPress webpage.

Does the Animated Number Counters support page builder?

Yes. Just simply use the shortcode and paste it into the page builder widget block as described in the answer to the previous question.

How can I add Font Awesome icons?

Go to, search and choose any of the free icons, copy the class name that is capped inside the quote-end quote pair “” and paste it into the icon input field from the ‘Add/Edit Counters’ box

I bought Animated Number Counters Plugin, I have not received it yet. Please suggest, how can I activate it or get the Pro version?

If you acquired the Animated Number Counters plugin and have not received it, please just contact our support team. Send an email with Animated Number Counters Plugin purchase order number. Visit:

For solving any additional issues, please use the WordPress support forum. We will be happy to help you out with any issues facing our Animated Number Counters plugin.

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  • Animated Number Counters Demo 1
  • Animated Number Counters Demo 2
  • Animated Number Counters Demo 3
  • Animated Number Counters Demo 4
  • Animated Number Counters Demo 5
  • Animated Number Counters Demo 6
  • Animated Number Counters Demo 7


Installation of Animated Number Counters is very simple.

Option 1

  • Download the plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • Unzip file into team-showcase-supreme folder.
  • Drop the team-showcase-supreme plugin folder into your wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Refresh your WordPress Administration panels, click on Plugins from the menu.
  • You will see Animated Number Counters plugin under Inactive plug-in tab.
  • To turn on Animated Number Counters, click on activate.
  • Option 2

  • Download the plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • click on add new under plugins menu.
  • Upload the available Animated Number Counters Plugin file and click install now
  • After installed click on active to tern on.
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