Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Affiliate Link Plugin from BlashO


The idea of AffiLinker Affiliate Link WordPress Plugin is to automatically convert the given keywords into interactive + profitable Affiliate Links that your visitors Love-To-Click.

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You can also show collection of Affiliate Links as Link Cloud similar to Tag Cloud on the sidebar, footer of your WordPress blog.

AffiLinker is developed in order to increase your blog income keeping all the bloggers problem in mind.

With AffiLinker, you can add the list of keywords and corresponding Affiliate Links (not only Affiliate Links, you can add any URL). Now AffiLinker, automatically turns all those keywords into the given Affiliate Link. You can customize the look-n-feel of each and every Affiliate Link to make your visitors Love-To-Click.

Features of Affiliate Link Plugin:

  • Quickly monetize your WordPress blog without touching any code
  • Show/Hide Affiliate Links on blog homepage
  • Create search engine friendly Affiliate Links
  • Allow only Specified blog posts/pages to show Affiliate Links
  • Customize every Affiliate Link with different style Bold, Italics
  • Customize every affiliate link with different color, hover color
  • Cloak junk and lengthy Affiliate Links into short, professional link
  • Restrict Specified blog posts/pages from not showing Affiliate Links
  • Option to quickly disable/enable all the functionalities of AffiLinker
  • Add/Remove «NoFollow» tag to each and every Affiliate Link (on blog comments, affilinker widget)
  • Choose the target window (like new window or current window), where to open when the user clicks on an Affiliate Link
  • Track clicks on each Affiliate Links. Get to know, number of clicks (unique clicks, total clicks), best performing keywords, best performing blog posts/pages
  • See the Demo on our blog

Refer to help page for details.

Looking for even more features?

Get all pro-features here.


  • Manage unlimited number of Affiliate Links and keywords
  • Customize every Affiliate Link with different font size, font name
  • Customize every Affiliate Link with different Underline styles(there are 10 different styles)
  • Show Title Text (tool tip) that appears when user hovers mouse over an Affiliate Link
  • Customize every Affiliate Link with different Background Color, Hover Background Color
  • Show Affiliate Links only on certain blog posts with minimum word count (for example, show Affiliate Link only on blog posts with more than 400 words)
  • Specify priority keywords, AffiLinker gives importance to Priority Keywords by first converting them into Affiliate Links (useful, if you are restricting the number of Affiliate Links per blog post/page)

Note: This free version works with most of the interesting features but restricted to manage 6 different Affiliate Links only. You can always upgrade to get all pro-features of AffiLinker for more links and more features.

Watch the demo video (10-minutes video, please be patience to understand).

Let’s grow together.

Good Luck.


  • create affiliate link
  • affiliate link interactive options
  • affiliate link other options
  • affiliate link edit color
  • edit affiliate link settings
  • affilinker general options
  • affilinker more general options
  • add new affiliate link


  1. Login to your WordPress blog dashboard
  2. Go to «Plugins» > «Add New»
  3. Search for «AffiLinker»
  4. Click «Install» and then «Activate»
  5. Done


Installation Instructions
  1. Login to your WordPress blog dashboard
  2. Go to «Plugins» > «Add New»
  3. Search for «AffiLinker»
  4. Click «Install» and then «Activate»
  5. Done
What is the purpose of AffiLinker Affiliate Link WordPress Plugin ?

Long story short, AffiLinker helps to quickly monetize your WordPress blog and helps to increase your blog income instantly + search engine friendly.
It converts the specified keywords into given Affiliate Links automatically throughout your blog and you can also show a collection of Affiliate Links as a Cloud on Sidebar/Footerbar.

Do it inserting Affiliate Links using JavaScript runtime ?

No, affiliate links are not generated using JavaScript, they are embedded as HTML links only. we have disabled the hidden link feature as this is against Google Webmaster Guidelines.
Now, your blog will be 100% complaince to Webmaster Guidelines using AffiLinker. Affiliate Links placed only in blog posts, pages, comment section, link cloud are all normal HTML links.

Why do Affiliate Links are not appearing in my blog posts,pages ?

AffiLinker relies on wp_footer. If your WordPress theme doesn’t uses wp_footer, you may not see Affiliate Links so make sure your theme uses wp_footer according to WordPress guidelines.

Is it possible to customize the link style uniquely for each and every Affiliate Link ?

Yes, with AffiLinker you can choose different styles like: Link Color, Link Background Color, Link Hover Color, Link Hover Background Color, Font Size, Font Name, bold,
italics etc.

Is it possible to add NoFollow tags to the links ?

Yes, you can add or remove the NoFollow tags for each and every link. Just uncheck/check the Add NoFollow option.

Is it possible to select the target window for each link ?

Yes, you can choose the target window (either to open in same window or new window) for each and every link. Just uncheck/check the Same Window option.

Is it possible to find number of clicks received by each links ?

Yes, there is a built-in hit counter which shows the total number of clicks, unique number of clicks received for each links and also, the blog post/pages that are performing better.

What are those 4 types of widget options ?

1 AffiLinker Cloud which shows the links as a tag cloud to enable select Keywords as Cloud in widget options.
2 AffiLinker List which shows the links as a list to enable select Keywords as List in widget options.
3,4 – Interactive Links which shows the links as a tag/cloud with all the styles applied.

Do you have a premium version of AffiLinker ?

Yes, the premium version has more interesting features and it can manage unlimited number of affiliate links.

You can refer to our help page for more details.


24 de octubre de 2017 1 reply
the best part of this plugin is you can change the affiliate link color n other styles....good to have plugin, i also enabled the pro-features 🙂 g8 guys
20 de noviembre de 2016
Another failed plugin due to lack of support. Commercially sold for $47. A developer hit-and-run after collecting the money from the product's launch. The same guy that runs and still selling it. Don't be a sucker and buy this.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Affiliate Link Plugin from BlashO» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Initial release version


  • Code changes done to keep the affiliate links encoded so that they are not seen on the source code and not directly indexable by search engines.
  • Nofollow’d the js links as even evolving search engines (like Google,Bing) can execute and interpret dynamically generated links.


  • Improved UI
  • Bug fix for WordPress 3.6 compatibility
  • Optimized the code for faster execution
  • Improvements to take correct default values


  • Added new option to disable jQuery Script (helps to resolve any jQuery conflicts) esp. with other WordPress plugins that uses jQuery.


  • Minor bug fixes
  • New support for Hover title text (appears when user hovers over link) added as a disabled feature


  • Complaince to Google Webmaster Guidelines (no more hidden links)
  • Now the free version supports 6 affiliate links, enjoy!


  • Afiliate link creation error, for specific PHP versions fixed
  • hidenseek.js reference issue fixed, thanks to


  • Fixed certain link creation issues
  • Invalid title text issue fixed
  • Fixed encoded link addition issue, used in affiliate programs like ShareASale


  • Fixed https link issues
  • a fresh start 🙂


  • Now PHP 7.0+ compatible


  • Fixed redirect activation issue