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123on video plugin


Make your video interactive by using 123on. With this plugin you can easily upload your video and implement hotspots and product pop ups that guides your customer to the page you want them to go to at the moment you want to. We bridge the gap between video content and conversion.

All it takes is three easy steps.
1. Download and activate plugin
2. Upload video as MP4 file to add hotspots and product pop ups
3. Copy the video into a shortcode on the page you want the video to be at


Este plugin proporciona 2 bloques.

  • video_123on
  • 123on


There are two different methods for downloading the 123on plugin. Use the one that suits you best.

1. Navigate your way to the plugins page on your dashboard and select \’Add New\’;
2. Search for 123on
3. Activate 123on on your plugin page

1. Visit and find your way to the download button
2. Upload the 123on plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
3. Activate the 123on plugin on the plugin page in WordPress.


How do I use the plugin, step by step?

  • Download the plugin either directly from WordPress or from
  • Activate plugin on the plugin page
  • Go to the plugin and upload your video
  • Add the hotspots you want to your video
  • Copy the shortcode in the video list to the page you want in WordPress
  • And just like that, you have an interactive video live on your website!

How do I get 123on onto our website?

Videos are placed on your website by simply pasting a shortcode from the 123on plugin video list. Don’t worry if that is something you know nothing about, it’s real easy and it doesn’t affect or complicate anything else on your website. Our people will help your people! To create videos with ads on top of them, you simply log on to our plugin and navigate your way to the video list. This is where you upload videos and add hotspots with specific links. Ads can look like you want them to and it’s easy to create them in a way that makes them look on-brand.

Why should I use 123on?

Your audiences depends a lot on what type of business you are. But let’s say that you are an e-commerce platform and you want to showcase your latest video ad on your front page to generate interest for your newly launched products. This is where we come in, we help to facilitate the way the customer navigates to the different products that pop up in the video. This means that you direct more traffic to your product pages and by doing so, own a bigger part of the user journey.


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  • Add custom product hotspot type


BETA is live!
* This release contains basic functions that enable you as a website owner to add hotspots to your videos in a very fast and easy way.